Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 150

I deeply regret that I find it difficult to maintain the spiritual lift I received from brother Lee Parsons this morning. His central message concerned Saint John 1:29 which says in part: “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” (KJV) He (John) was speaking of the approaching Christ and carried a message which constitutes the “good news.” I find it striking that he uses the singular “sin” rather then isolating specifics by saying “sins.” As a result, it includes each and every soul and wrapws the totality of sin in a package. As I repeat it, I find a restoration of the good spirit--those are encouraging words.

Piled higher and Deeper

In this video, posted on Knowledge is Power, we find a report from Fox News which should give you some obvious insight into the machinations of this White House and its minions.

Scientists and engineers were enlisted to give credence to a recent report on the oil spill. In classic “bait and switch” style, they assembled a benign report, got the experts to sign off and then added the moratorium on drilling offshore for six months after they had their compliance. Some of that group have become aware of these shenanigans and published their displeasure with both the conclusions and the methodology. It is necessary that the video be viewed to appreciate the depth of avarice involved.

For more insight on the ramifications of your host’s opinions on this technique, re-read the preceding post. I submit that this circumstance validates my conclusions and suspicions. It is difficult for those of good faith to confront the reality that this administration is not constrained by the normal societal mores held by men of good will. Be assured that the document which the qualified and experienced scientists signed off on is not that which the White House offered to the public.

This constitutes hard evidence that our nation is being directed by those of little or no conscience. They will stoop to any ruse, no matter how infantile, to achieve their end results.

The oil extraction business is dominated by highly technical and specialized equipment which serves little purpose other than recovering usable quantities of product. It is single purpose gear dedicated to only one possible use. Once manufactured, it has no value other than its originally designed sophisticated intention. It is also extremely expensive. The investment has already been made and recovery of that expense depends upon its immediate and constant use if there is any hope of recovering its original cost.

If a farmer were to be deprived of the use of tractors, mowers, balers, seeders and plows; how long would it be before every farm was bankrupt? Would the president, in case a single restaurateur managed to poison his clientele with under cooked food, declare a moratorium on the use of all stoves, ovens, fryers and other heating devices and destroy the food industry? Look at your own specialty and equate the deprivation of and use of a vital piece of equipment to your own occupation and appreciate what a blow this is to the oil business. Are you next on the list of these destructive practices? These are the tools of the trade and their absence will deal a death blow to a vital business and the nation as a whole. Working on an offshore rig is a high dollar job and the loss will only drive the depression deeper.

A Mad Dog Loose in the Streets

Those who follow this blog are well acquainted with my attitudes toward my constant companions and their predecessors. My furry pals have given me so much more over the years than I could ever repay with food, toys, ear scratching and the like. They have comforted me in grief, provided moments of unanticipated joy, been ever watchful to provide an early warning system, and risen to my defense in response to a perceived threat. In some cases, they have departed this life at my feet to comfort me to the last possible instant. Only in the unhappy circumstance of extreme suffering and hopelessness could I ever consider helping them to their final end. Fortunately, this has been an extremely rare occurrence.

I have had a dog as a companion for 70 of my 78 years but even though I can’t sometimes find my glasses, I can easily bring back a mental picture and fond memory of each and every one. Only one dog has ever attacked me in my life. A litter-mate of my Rhodesian Ridgeback was a guard dog at a neighboring turkey farm and on my first visit there, grabbed my elbow as I attempted to leave my car. I later found that he was a cancer victim in constant pain who was eventually destroyed by his owner, a vet.

Among the universe of marvelous dogs are those who are subject to the dread disease, hydrophobia. It renders “man’s best friend” into a lunatic force with a single minded eye to destruction. An encounter with one can result in very painful treatments if you are lucky or possible death if you are not. In today’s world, cases of actual “mad” dogs are extremely rare. Like the encounter with a pain crazed dog cited above, they are manically striking out at whatever they encounter, confusing it with the inner demons which plague their lives. Even though we sympathize, we clearly understand the threat and find it necessary to respond. Although humane capture and isolation are preferred, many often resort to destruction as the only option.

Just as animals are encouraged to emulate human activity, (come, sit, stay, heel, etc.) we occasionally see humans who constantly seem bent on emulating damaging animalistic behavior as well. As we observe “leadership” that seem constantly on the alert to advance programs which prove destructive to the body politic, one questions what demonic force is promoting their actions. As the total mounts day by day, is it possible to equate the actions to the un-reasoned attacks by the rabid dog? As iterated above; humane capture and isolation are the preferred option.

One last note for those who are enjoying this edition of “Dog Talk;” for your personal safety, don’t mess with a female and her pups. This applies cross-species.

And finally,

How is it possible for such a mob of tiny birds to manage to empty a full liter of syrupy goo in such a short time? The hummingbird feeder is in need of a refill already in about a week. The birds at the standard feeder are much easier to understand. In their sloppy eating habits we observe about as much seed falling over the side as they ingest. There is no evidence that the hummingbirds are that careless. They rarely feed for more than 5 or 6 seconds. In mid-June we continue to see roughly the same mix of breeds as were here far earlier in the spring.

After a series of 90° days one can only imagine what will follow the Summer Solstice on the 21st. We have had a series of threats of thunderstorms after bedtime, which rarely result in more than .1 or .15 in the rain gauge. We continue to water daily with special attention to the tomatoes and the grapes. They constitute the excitement of the week since the grapes have reached the open work on the front half of the deck roof. The fruit is gradually enlarging and I will soon need to get out my toga to get in character. God is good.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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