Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obama’s Katrina?

To acknowledge the legitimacy of the obvious comparison is to assign a measure of truth and avoid the villain in the issue. While I am reluctant to cut the narcissist in chief any slack on nearly any matter, there is no evidence (at the moment) for his complicity in the oil spill which currently plagues the Gulf. At the same time, we must acknowledge that Bush, even with limited warning, was not in a position to implement the steps necessary to over-ride the local officials in the evacuation of New Orleans. In both cases, any action taken by either president would far supercede the responsibilities of the job they both campaigned for.

In both circumstances, I would prefer to take advantage of the existent expertise in the customer base at the old Cochise Trading Co. (a firm formerly operated by your host) in Houma, Louisiana. As Gulf Coast residents, worker’s on the rigs, and experienced with the caprices of local weather systems; they had the knowledge, honed by experience, to deal with both natural and manmade emergencies. It should be obvious to just about anyone that their combination of experience would be far better than any collection of Washington bureaucrats safely ensconced in luxury homes within the beltway.

The constant rain of criticism on both presidents is revealed as partisan politics at its vilest level. Anyone with the least skills of observation would have recognized the dysfunctional nature of the local New Orleans power structure. Monies dedicated to levee enhancement over decades to protect the city were mysteriously diverted to less urgent projects. The resultant flooding was not subject to “if” it would happen, but “when.” The residents paid a dear price for that mis-management.

Presidents of both parties have stood idly by as enviro-nazis have insisted on moving oil rigs ever further into the Gulf beyond the continental shelf with ever deeper rig locations. Even the least experienced in these matters understand the problematic differences between drilling at 100’ and over 5000’. These are not regulations which are specified in legislation from the congress but flow from the irresponsible bureaucrats. Through bungling restrictions from these agencies, the “burn” was thwarted, protective dikes have not been built and in general, the disaster has been allowed to proceed apace. This is your government in action. Although it appears that Obama would perpetuate this mindless behemoth, their current action is not a result of his influence.

The problem here is that a huge segment of our population has come to falsely believe that the federal government can furnish “cradle to grave” protection from every threat. In a vigorous economy and in an uncertain natural world, there will be mishaps. Certain natural rules of order are in place that, when violated, will result in a disaster. To presume that each of these is preventable is sheer insanity. It is especially true when both the natural world erupts and human mis-management occurs simultaneously. (See: Hurricane Katrina)

Part of building a convenient infrastructure is the creation of death traps and hazards. For a full run-down on these go to this site site and inventory just how many different ways we manage to kill and maim ourselves. We live in a dangerous world in which we are responsible for our own protection through recognition of potential danger. The idea that one’s government can protect them from every hazard and should be constantly responsible for our well being is insane, irresponsible and unrealistic.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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