Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Week, a Further Drop

As the oil spill magnifies and the president’s indifference to real problems soars we find his presidential index in free fall. Gradually he has gone from -12% strongly disapprove to -17% during the course of the week. Absent the “strongly” modifier we find him at -9% of likely voters on Rasmussen. It would appear that folks—likely voters at least—are catching on to this “hope and change” shtick. My dad used to wear me out saying, “familiarity breeds contempt.” Finally I can see documentary evidence that he was right. This was always in opposition to those who insisted that “once you get to know him, he’ll grow on you.” Maybe they were right as well: growing on us like a malignant cancer.

His image was certainly not enhanced by the remarks of one his most loyal sycophants in the media, Helen Thomas. Her open mike comments about returning all the Jews to Poland and Germany as a solution to problems in the Middle East didn’t help. She, of course, may be excused for whatever insanity escapes her pie hole by virtue of her advanced age—what is she now? 108? 109? Actually, she will be 90 in August, 2010. She fled UPI after 57 years when they were acquired by a news service associated with the Unification Church under the leadership of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. (Ed: No relation to your host.) Two months later at 82 she found a new employer, Hearst Newspapers, and fortuitously escaped unemployment and remains, as she has been for decades, “the Sitting Buddha.”

Meanwhile, back at the White House, golf and “date nights” continue to dominate the activity list. Will it be only a matter of time until the 7-iron shows up on the presidential seal? To the best of my memory, Ike was the last president to have such a love of the game. For those with curiosity about the results posted on his scorecard you would more easily find information on his academic record. Fortunately for the commander-in-chief, a birth certificate is not required to play.

Barring some momentous occurrence, this will be the last post of the week. It will require some time to cleanse the mind and heart in advance of Sunday services. These are trying times and I urge you to include your country in your prayers. Every little bit helps.

In His abiding love,
Cecil Moon

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