Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 146

The trip to Miami, OK on Sunday had its usual calming affect once the rain stopped. Billy Roberts from Springfield (MO) handled the sermon with accustomed familiarity with the scriptures. He dealt mainly with prophets and concluded that their validation lay in the positive outcome of their predictions and the criteria for designation. It’s great to attend and actually learn something new about subjects so old.

A New and Improved Screen Cleaner

If you want to remove those pesky tiny particles which lurk on the back side of your computer screen, we have found the perfect solution. Just click here and get them cleared up in no time. Go on! Do it! It’s fun!

German Gold Cross of Honor to GI’s in Afghanistan

This story caught my eye because I had not seen it covered by any other news source. It is obviously a praise-worthy moment for both of the nations involved. Here is SFC Chlosta’s account of the event:

“U.S. Soldiers Awarded Highest German Medal for Bravery During Rescue

International Security Assistance Force HQ Public Affairs

Story by Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Chlosta

05.12.2010 PROVINCIAL RECONSTRUCTION TEAM, KUNDUZ, Afghanistan—Under an overcast sky, on the same airfield where they carried wounded German Soldiers to safety only 5 weeks before, 14 U.S. Soldiers were awarded the highest German medal for bravery, May 12.

International Security Assistance Force Chief of Staff German Army Lt. Gen. Bruno Kasdorf, presented the German Gold Cross of Honor medals to the medical evacuation helicopter pilots and crew from the 5th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, Katterbach, Germany.

The German Gold Cross is equivalent to the U.S. Medal of honor, only four other German Soldiers have ever been awarded it. The medal is for outstanding deeds at the risk of one's life.

The aircrew rescued eleven German Soldiers who had come under attack by insurgents during a dismounted patrol outside the Chahar Dara district, southwest of Kunduz, April 2.”

(continue reading the remarkable account of this rescue---)

National Cowardice

What part of immigration law does the federal government not understand? The illegals understand it well enough to sneak in through the desert where they are less likely to be observed. The leftists understand it well enough to create sanctuary cities where the current laws on foreign traffic are ignored and safety from the feds is provided. The current crop of legal immigrants understand it well enough to realize that they righteously jumped through all the hoops only to see their illegal brethren reap the harvest of benefits with no entitlement. And—to top it all off—the Attorney General, America’s “top cop” is eager to negatively expostulate on a law which he admits he has never read. (SB1070, Arizona)

The people applaud the Arizona response to lack of enforcement of the existing federal statutes while some folks in neighboring states make all sorts of idle threats against the Arizonans who are begging for enforcement. The time is long past for this nation to decide whether it is to be a nation of laws or one ruled by the caprices of men. There are mechanics in place to change the law if one doesn’t like it at the federal level. Failure to enforce is the coward’s way. It is time for the Attorney General to review the oath he swore to.

In this circumstance, boycott is a two way street. If California were to lose the water and electricity supplied by the state of Arizona to their huge population they might become more eager to stay friends with their neighbors plus gaining some appreciation of how childish their behavior in this regard actually is. If you don’t like the law—change it! If you can’t—live with it! Otherwise—live in the dark and thirsty to boot!

And finally,

Years ago, absolute courage was stated as one “who would take on a bear with a buggy whip.” That pretty much describes my dog Maggie. At sixty pounds, with unbelievable agility, stamina, speed, and a highly protective nature, she is a watch dog extraordinaire. Her loyalty to her human family is exceptional. Her little buddy “Gus”, although much noisier acts as her voice and constitutes an early warning system for intruders who would disrupt the peaceful tranquility here on the ridge. Strange autos and trucks, herds (as many as thirty) of strange cattle, assorted wild critters and rare persons on foot are wise to retreat at her appearance. So, where is the chink in her armor?

Our recent spate of storms has provided the recurrence of the only thing which she fears—thunder! During our waking hours she finds a place under one of the computer desks at our feet. Later, after we retire she seeks our bed and settles in between us with the vain notion that she is thereby protected. Therefore, we keep an older light quilt on the bed in anticipation of her activity. Once the tumult is passed she returns to her spot on the floor at the foot of the bed. It is an accommodation which we both agree is the least we can do for her otherwise stellar service.

Although complimented, I never cease to be amazed at her confidence that I could possibly protect her from a rampaging storm. If it eases her fears, that’s good enough for me.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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