Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

A man without honor, he misrepresented (lied!) in public venues that he had served in theater in Viet Nam. He also neglected to mention that he had taken repeated deferments to avoid being drafted during the peak hostilities before joining the Marines. He actually had the chutzpah to make some of his false claims in the halls of veteran’s organizations. Heartfelt thanks are owed to the New York Times for printing the sordid details of Blumenthal’s lies.

To America’s veterans, this is not something one “misspeaks” about. Those who served in any branch, in any war, in any theater, in any duty, clearly remember exactly the details of their service. If they have suffered memory loss, the armed services furnish a DD-214 which clearly outlines forgotten details of their experience. It is a clear, unambiguous record which is supplied every member upon separation. For those who lost the document, the Defense Department will happily furnish a copy to the veteran in about ten days. From personal experience I know it has been in use since at least March of 1955.

It appears that these false claims are not actionable under current statute however, only those who make a false representation of medals given for valorous actions and service fall under that category. Since the Connecticut AG is now running to replace Sen. Chris Dodd, it brings up some strong issues of character which have obviously been previously overlooked. Some pundits are more concerned than others. One came to light today which I admit gave me pause. The conclusion to the article said;

“If he stays in the race, that’s his call – just as it was his call all this time to say he was a courageous combat veteran who “returned” from Vietnam.

But for anyone who lifts a finger to put this man in the United States Senate, for that I find no way to accept. The United States Senate cannot take on the morally dead weight of this candidate without honor.”

That quote comes from one who has a blog but is more easily recognized as a TV show host. Check out his web-site and read his whole piece on the subject. For the first time, this guy and I are in full agreement. Trust me—you won’t believe who wrote it.

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Cecil Moon

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