Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things you Shouldn’t Ignore

There is much that is not quite as it should be in this world but that is no reason to become blasé and disregard the obvious do-it-yourself remedies. Due to an accident of a family member, we had a break in our income and I spent some time thinking about what else could possibly happen to inconvenience our otherwise sublime existence. For your benefit, I shall share a few of the thoughts I had in that regard.

Squealing brakes, streaky windshield wipers, missing or damaged lights, and balding tires are typical of the 1000 and 1 things which can go awry on your car. On a bright sunny day, cruising down the interstate at the posted speed, you will probably not get into much trouble. However, when the sun goes down and a light mist begins to fall you are suddenly driving a death trap. When the roadway grief comes, and it will, you will simmediately regret not having seen to the repair of these critical items. If, on the other hand, you are a natural born thrill seeker with no regard for others on the road, go ahead and die your own way.

Strange odors in normal places are an intentional tipoff to danger, and your nose is God’s way of preparing you to detect the situation in advance. Suppliers intentionally provide an easily identifiable odor with various gasses to keep you alert for leaks. Don’t say “what’s that stink” and go your merry way. Depending on what’s on fire, the smell of smoke is easily noticed and needs to be isolated before going on with your business. Again, follow your nose; the best early warning system ever created. If you like the excitements provided by a fleet of emergency vehicles with flashing lights, or especially enjoy huge explosions, then ignore the warning.

Persistent unusual pain in any part of your body, minor wounds which won’t heal, or loss or impairment of any motor function are more likely symptomatic of further medical problems down the road. Most of these are treatable if they are tended while they are minor. I once had a small cut on my face which bled uninterrupted and the final bill to heal the problem was over $118,000.00. Had I seen to it sooner, I might have avoided that crippling expense or at least part of it. Don’t believe what you hear about our “sorry” medical services. We have the best health care in the world even if your insurance coverage isn’t the greatest. Despite what you may have heard, the hospital in your town will do their best to heal you; whether or no.

Recently there has been an uptick in assaults on personal security. If you live in an area which tolerates it, you can follow our family’s lead and burn your critical trash. We have dedicated trash containers for anything from financial institutions or has identifying numbers or codes. I also recommend a shredder. Further, we find the mail-box full of specious and suspicious offers to refinance debt, use consultants, beat the IRS, and every other sort of financial scam. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. The lure of “something for nothing” is quite prevalent and seem to spawn these creeps.

As I got older, I found I didn’t raise my feet as high as I used to. Another discovery is that the other common faculties have diminished over time as well. As a result, I consciously try to emulate that which was habitual in my youth and enjoyed a measure of success in that effort. Before I became aware of it, I was tripping over raised nail heads on the back deck and the victim of a house full of animal toys which are scattered in unlikely places. Rather than concede defeat to advancing years, I have belatedly taken heed of my father’s favorite saying: “structure follow function.” As I return my pace to a normal condition I find it takes a bit more effort but restores a level of safety which I had lost. Incidentally, this is a condition which besets people in nearly every age bracket over thirty. When you are in your late seventies, it’s just harder to overcome—but not impossible. It’s bad enough being a doddering old fool but I don’t have to look like one.

So far we have dealt with the physical ramifications of “Things you shouldn’t ignore.” If we include these last two we should be safer and better prepared for the future. First, when the preacher speaks: I listen. I put aside that which has concerned me during the week and apply what I hear from him to my life in the future. I really needn’t worry about the past because repentance has settled those issues. Whoever is in the pulpit routinely offers an improved path for my future.

It is not a time to review the past, make secular plans, worry about what’s for Sunday dinner, note various apparel in the congregation, observe perceived slights from members or others during the past week, or harbor resentment about the choice of hymns. It is a time to pay attention to the flow of the pastor's well-prepared remarks and take heed for my spiritual condition. As a result, one can leave with the feeling that this messenger is called by God to remind me of my weakness and give me strength for the future.

Second, we should not ignore what our governmental leaders have to say. Their communication should be duly noted and filed for future reference. They will routinely offer hints of their attitudes and integrity which will be necessary at our next opportunity to make a choice. Their activity must be weighed against the history and intentions of those who founded our great land. If they are in concert with those principles we must then do everything which we are able to forward their plans and support them in their efforts.

If they do not have that sense of history, and many don’t, we must righteously oppose them within the framework of our talents and resources. Too many listen half-heartedly and pass it off as political theater and don’t recognize the threat to the republic. Our circumstance as citizens has provided a life of ease with little strife and we have ignored the necessity to remain alert to those who lead. This is sloth which we can no longer afford. The barbarians are figuratively at the gates. We must rise from our leisure and pay strict attention to each of our representatives or be ready to pay the price of inattention.

Briefly we have looked at some threats which are very serious in nature. We must be aware that the last two are by far the greatest. Each has a very long lasting affect on our well being.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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