Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 136

Those of us in this corner of the Ozarks feel almost guilty to have such fabulous spring weather to bask in. A seventy degree weekend with sunshine and little wind, called for yard work and a renewed interest in watching out for copperheads. It proved a great day for a drive to Miami, Oklahoma for a reunion with the folks over there.

I took the lap top along to share a video I had received from the daughter-in-law in Tucson. In the interest of not being selfish, I shall share it with you. If you have seen this video, just hit the back button and don’t worry about it. On second thought, play it again and enjoy a glimpse in review of a wonderful life.

While we are on the subject of “stuff in the email”, I also received a spelling lesson:


The last 4 letters in American is ... I CAN

The last 4 letters in Republican is ... I CAN

The last 4 letters in Democrats is ... RATS

Need I Say More?????”

A Dark Day in America

February 28, 1993, I had a dentist appointment and as I waited, the reception area TV had coverage of some sort of dust-up in Waco, Texas. I watched horrified as the ATF pursued their ham-fisted raid on a compound of Branch Davidians and found the occupant’s resistance a match for the para-military raid on their property. Little did I know that the siege would continue for an additional 51days and finally terminate on April 19 as combined federal forces succeeded in burning the compound to the ground.

As I later managed to discern, this event produced the largest single compilation of lies, diversion, falsehood, incompetence, and cover-up which our nation had ever experienced. It was a bloody example of a central government gone mad. This horrible coincidence of the date of the fire and what is generally thought of as noblest day in the long history of our nation is inescapable.

The final outcome occurred exactly 218 years to the day after the struggle at Lexington and Concord. One wonders what the militiamen of that day would have thought of the travesty at Waco. Just as Paul Revere warned the population of the impending attack on the green at Lexington, the Branch Davidians had managed to obtain prior intelligence of the raid by the ATF. As a result, they were prepared and did not suffer the consequences of a sneak attack. Four agents and six Davidians lost their lives in the initial encounter in February. In all, seventy-six (an interesting historical number) Davidians (men, women, children, and babies) died in the arson which destroyed the compound on April 19.

As we close in on the anniversary of that struggle, I shall have a more comprehensive review and comments about a nation with a sacred document (the US Constitution) which was ignored and federal personnel who circumvented the law repeatedly. If you have any doubts about the dangers of a nation gone mad with its own power, the review will provide more than you can comfortably tolerate.

These were indeed, “day(s) which would live in infamy.”

Olympic Concerns

In a lame attempt to generate interest in the Winter Olympics from Vancouver, I tuned in several nights for the late coverage. Unfortunately, my favorite activity was not very well covered or else I tuned in at the wrong times. Curling always provides more fun and opportunity for weak humor than any other sport. (Ed. Note: Plus hysterical laughter from the editor) For an example; check the following picture of an amateur participant.

When the ladies figure skating ended I will admit to disappointment. I gave the men’s a go but somehow, it just wasn’t the same. Did you note that each program, whether ladies or men’s, was nearly an exact duplicate of the other except for the musical accompaniment. The biggest problem is that it is nearly impossible to take a man seriously who is made up, well coiffed, dressed frivolously and still claims a measure of athletic prowess. If all varieties of athletes share a common feature it is normally sweat. Winter games=cold weather=no sweat!

Hockey was, as usual, boring since I never played as a lad.

The bobsled competition reminded me of someone being shot from a cannon. It became difficult to understand precisely how any athletic ability was involved other than actually getting into the sled. Riding it upside down at 84 mph could not have been too much fun. Apparently, my timing was off because I saw no evidence of the Jamaican team.

Interest was restored on the slopes with the skiers. Every category, and there were a bunch, offered admirable athleticism, daring, and obvious evidence of training. With a true Olympic ecumenical spirit, I was thrilled by their combined and individual efforts regardless of nationality.

Now that the event has come to a close, they may now return to the drudgery of training for the next competition and pray for a better outcome. I’m still mad I missed the curling. Where’s my broom?

Marin County, a Tea Party?

As outrageous as it seems is the very thought of a Tea Party in Marin County, California. A group which anticipated a crowd of a couple hundred to show up in this liberal bastion just north of San Francisco Saturday, actually managed to attract nearly six hundred. This must have felt like just another earthquake to the locals who are totally unaccustomed to any demonstration which does not have a pink tinge.

Many recognizable notables (Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner, Chuck Devore and Carly Fiorina) showed up to speak and decry their existing representatives and offer a conservative alternative. Although their probability of success is dependent upon how much governmental control their neighbors will tolerate, they deserve huge credit for just showing up. All too often in that area, this is little or no opposition.

Unlike any Tea Party your host has attended, this one carried an entry fee of $5. Past that, there is little to criticize in the gathering and one hopes that it becomes an habitual feature in those rolling hills.

And finally

The local daffodils have budding heads with dots of their famous yellow color showing. Barring some cruel trick of nature, it would appear that spring is at hand. We welcome it and rejoice at the thought of lessened expenditure for household heating, coats, and other inconveniences. It is indeed, a joyous time of year.

The goldfinches continue their color change and the rest of the gang keep on gorging at the feeder. I am amazed that we still maintain a substantial flock of robins spread out over the two acre expanse of the front grass. Judging from the road kills, the skunks are on the move as well. That reminds me that I need to restock on those necessary pint bottles of peroxide to treat Maggie for her inevitable encounter with our striped friends. A couple tablespoons of baking soda, a strong squirt of dishwasher liquid and a stout brush are all you need for a thorough job. Once mixed, get to it! I use a long handled, soft bristled car brush and it never fails. Don’t bother with the rear quarters as the damage is invariably on the front end of the dog. That’s OK, you can thank me later. (Ed. Note: For your stupid cat who can't seem to stay out of their way, either, you can use Arm and Hammer Toothpaste with peroxide. Just rub some on and then let it wear off, since you won't be able to get near her after that.)

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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