Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are We Really Stupid?

As I read the morning blogs, the tenor was one of accusing the American people of being “stupid.” After a simplistic examination one might tend to agree. Upon a more thoughtful look, I don’t believe that stupid is the right word choice. It’s far more complicated than that. Stupid has a pejorative connotation which is hard to ignore. I truly love my fellow citizens and object to harsh language to describe them. So what is the problem and whose fault is it?

Might these writers have described us as uninformed? Yes, and that would have been a correct assessment in general. The tendency is to rely upon familiar and comfortable sources for news and opinion. I can testify that I read the Daily Kos with great displeasure to understand what the lunatic left is currently astir about. Most American daily newspapers and TV reporters manage to insert enough editorial content in the “news” stories to bring me to the edge of my seat in protest. Those who rely upon traditional news sources which were once reliable fountains of facts are the victims today of media bias in the extreme. The veracity of a publication or broadcast is far too often judged by the level of agreement with the content than a critical view of the reported situation.

It is possible that, by nature, Americans are just a peaceful group. Traditionally, our citizens have responded, under the duress of assault, with the will to defeat those who attack us, our property, or our concepts with a suitable and successful rebuff. Need I cite our wars for proof of that statement? We are at the core, a peace loving nation. Life is good here and we do not enjoy going forth to battle the forces of evil but we do. No sane person does. Whether you always agree or not, we do not fight for the acquisition of lands and treasure. At the conclusion of each encounter, we found more freedom, less oppression and the restoration of property to its rightful owner. This is as it should be with God fearing people.

For the most part, we are uneducated. Before you recount the immense numbers of our colleges and universities, understand that your host does not necessarily equate formal education to intelligence. All too many believe that education comes to a halt about an hour after the graduation ceremony. These same people don’t recognize that which can be learned from family, friends, business associates, children, observation of the operative world around us, and an inquiring mind. One thing I admire about doctors is their willingness to call what they do a "practice.” The implication is clear that they see their arts as requiring an unending repetitive exercise. If old age has a benefit it is to observe, in real time, the constant changes in our society and the tools to make life better. To depend solely on the lessons of thirty/forty/fifty years past is no sign of intelligence.

We may also simply be too easily distracted. My neighborhood is the center of an Amish community. These simple people shun that which occupies so much of our collective time. To speak to them of American Idol, the NFL, Ipods, the Oscars, exposed cleavage, weight loss, Twitter, political correctness, or the esthetic affect of a four-in-hand vs. a Windsor knot is useless. One might as well communicate in a specific aboriginal dialect from the Outer Mongolian wastes. The rest of us, lacking the result of a dedicated life, are then subject to diversion produced by these occupations and others too numerous to count. We may conclude that we are distracted, slothful, lazy or perhaps, it is we who are the “simple people."

We might also accept the accusation of naiveté. It is difficult to recognize that our nation could possibly become one which some would wish to dissolve. By placing a child-like trust in elected officials to understand and support our constitutional republic we hand them the essential tools to destroy the country. We blithely protest that “they wouldn’t do that.” Oh, yes they would. Any parent should know better than to claim that “my little Johnnie wouldn’t …….” Not only would he do it, he probably already has.

It is an oversimplification to insist that the electorate is stupid. We the people are not blameless because we are uninformed, peaceful, uneducated, distracted and naïve. It may take a while, but eventually our citizens will come to recognize their responsibilities and act to counteract the hideous acts being perpetrated in Washington. We see the awakening in the Tea Party movement, the increased polling numbers of disapproval, the sea change in election results, and evidence of increasing awareness.

This will not halt the accusations of the stupidity of the America people. The leftist lunatics who wish to disrupt the republic will continue to brand anyone who disagrees as stupid. As the evidence mounts against their vile attempt, they will simply shout louder. What really matters is whether the people, angered by the accusation, will seek to become informed, educated, focused, less gullible and more bellicose in their reaction to the usurpers of the government. God willing, they will come out of their stupor, as they gradually are, and send these Marxists to their well deserved retirement.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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