Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maurice Schwenkler Rides Again

Would someone please tell the Democrats to freshen up their playbook? The accusations currently being hurled by the DNC of threats, harassment, vandalism, spitting, and racial epithets in response to the recently socialized medicine bill are reminiscent of Denver in August of ’09. We do remember Maurice Schwenkler and the “attack” on the Denver Democrat headquarters don’t we?

As a reminder, Maurice, (May I call you Maurice?) during the run up to the election saw an opportunity to bring public shame to the detractors of Obama. He rode his bike downtown to the location (West 8th & Santa Fe) and with a shirt pulled over his head, proceeded to break 11 windows in the office. After $11,000 worth of damage had been inflicted he attempted to leave the scene of the crime. An alert Denver cop observed the infraction at 2:20 am and gave chase, easily catching the felon.  Here's the original story in the Denver Post

He was charged with felony mischief and later fined $5000, given one year probation and probably told: “to straighten up.” Subsequently we discovered that Maurice, aged 25, had compiled a significant history with strong ties to the Democrat Party. It would also include an arrest in Minneapolis and a charge of disturbing the peace at the Republican convention there. It was a terrible disappointment to the DNC who were confident that they had a right-wing kook and not a loyal and faithful transvestite party member. (ED. This is not a gratuitous slur.)

Given his former association with the SEIU and prior violent history, one might be tempted to think that the Democrats jumped the gun here in a fit of anxious anticipation.

In the aftermath of passing the most onerous legislation in memory, the socialized medicine debacle, the DNC is not content to enjoy a tenuous victory. It is their obvious desire to discredit their detractors as well. Unfortunately for the Jackass Party, the ubiquitous video cameras have put the lie to  to their accusations of racial comments by Tea Party activists. No absolute credentials are required among protesters so infiltration by either side is not only possible but highly likely. The event served little purpose other than to exacerbate the discourse and further damage any cooperative efforts which they might seek.

It is entirely possible that sooner or later, some less restrained and sober liberty loving right-winger may snap and actually inflict some damage. Our prayer is that our differences many be worked out peaceably. This becomes more difficult to anticipate when the other side insists upon tarring every utterance and action with the brush of accusations of racism and trumped up reports of violence.

As we observed in the case of Maurice, the truth placed the responsibility where it belonged: at the feet of the Democrat Party. Deal with it!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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