Friday, February 19, 2010

Keith Olberman -- Where Ae the Black Faces?

That’s a very good question. With many Tea Parties logged so far, I can assure Keith that many of them are at the Tea Party. They are accompanied by Asians, Hispanics, and every other group, not Caucasian, which he would care to name. I am not preoccupied with counting them because in the Tea Party environment I tend to view every person there as a fellow American. As a geezer, I long ago recognized that Americans are difficult to identify from a distance. Typically, Tea Party attendees are not preoccupied with race and national origin as long as it’s American.

For a clear look at the world which Olberman inhabits, please click this short video and see if it coincides with the blather he is spewing. The piece is lifted in its entirety from a post on Instapundit. Thanks, Glenn.

To claim that people of color are not present is to claim a lie. To assert that they are not proportionally represented would also be true. In tiny Cassville, Missouri, the presence of a person of color would be highly unusual for any event but representative of the local demographics. As the population of the venue increased, so did the numbers of each group. Cassville, out of a dozen Tea Parties, is the only one nearly devoid of any noticed minorities. There were also no Asians, but plenty of Hispanics. For visual evidence of the appeal of the Tea Party movement to persons of all stripes, take a look at this video clip.

At the 9/12 event in Washington, D.C., the presence of the entire panoply of Americana was visible. To claim otherwise simply underscores the absence of on the spot reporting. That is the same reporting ability which placed the crowd size in the “hundreds” and not the nearly 800,000 in attendance. Instead of counting heads, each and every one of us was gathered in opposition to an oppressive government. We were color-blind and totally dedicated to carrying our message. It was one of absolute and unified disapproval.

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