Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crystal Mangum, Yvo de Boer, and Rachael Carson

A “hot” entry on this morning’s news reveals that Crystal Gail Mangum, of Duke false accusation fame, has been accused of attempted murder, arson and a full slate of additional charges. I followed that racially charged case with great interest over the last few years. The current charges against Mangum carry a $1,000,000 bond after police went to the home and found her threatening to kill her friend with a knife and burning his clothes in the bath tub, and subsequently arresting her.

Given the circumstances of the Duke false accusations case, the evidence of her behavior then, previously, and after, have revealed a person with some serious personality disorders. Regarding the Duke matter, the state Attorney General personally came to Durham, replaced the now disgraced local prosecutor, Mike Nifong, and found the accused students totally exonerated and innocent.

One of the principal features of the now years-long matter at Duke was the posture of a segment of the Duke faculty in automatic condemnation, without evidence, of the students charged in the now famous case. They stubbornly cling to their position, have not apologized, nor suffered any pain for their harsh actions as the Group of 88.

In a separate news item, we find the head of the United Nations climate change operations, Yvo de Boer, has decided to step down from his position in the face of failure to unify the 193 nation panel in Copenhagen on climate change to undertake regulation of the highly questionable affect of carbon dioxide on the earth. The panel was challenged by the revelation that most of the data submitted was either falsely aligned to achieve purposes other than climate change, intentionally skewed, or generally subject to false information. All of this was revealed through documentation obtained from a British university’s scientist’s emails and other material.

De Boer’s resignation is simply the top person’s response to a continuing exposure of personal interest on the part of those who have been relied upon for accurate data and scientific interest. In the wake of the information coming from East Anglia, we find climate “experts” falling like dominos in every academic center. Much of the data has been proven to be bogus, tainted, falsely obtained, or otherwise corrupt.

The driving factor in the climate change alarm has been shown to be motivated by the old “49er” adage that “thar’s gold in them thar hills.” The implementation of a carbon credit scheme—although understanding it will put you to sleep—linked with the “greening” of the world then becomes a source of incredible wealth to those who proffer it as a solution to imagined problems. If you believe Al Gore depends on his retirement pay from the government for his morning grits you need to look a little deeper. He has, through his activity, amassed a personal fortune upon the backs of skewed information.

To fulfill this post’s title, let us return to a time which many of our readers will not remember—the release of the infamous book, “The Silent Spring” by Rachael Carson. While the author did not specifically call for a universal ban on DDT, the publication of the book resulted in the final absolute banning of the pesticide. Ms. Carson found a publisher who offered the book in 1962 and it became widely read, discussed, and unfortunately accepted by the public as gospel on the effects of DDT. For anyone old enough to remember the hysteria of the Rachael Carson era in the early sixties we strongly recommend visiting Junk for verification of the suspected fallacies published in the book.

Her fear of cancer was certainly valid since she died herself of complications of the disease in 1964 at the age of 56. She did not live to see the result of the banning of DDT which produced in excess of 60,000,000 deaths from malaria to persons in Africa alone. Deprived of the most effective answer to the spread of contagion by mosquitoes, (DDT) these innocents might have lived. Her complicity in enabling those deaths would then place her in the big leagues of persons in the twentieth century who were instrumental in massive numbers of deaths. She would lead a parade followed by Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and other mass-murderers who could only in their wildest dreams hope to amass the numbers of fatalities which are attributable to Rachael Carson.

One would hope that there is a moral to these stories. There can be no “moral” here since the word implies a spiritual component, strength of character, and thoughts for the future results of immediate action. All of the above, for their own individual purposes, strove to advance their personal agenda with careless disregard for the long range consequences. Each spread lies to a gullible audience to achieve their own ends.

Mangum gained the support of professors at a prestigious university and gamed portions of the legal establishment. De Boer used his official credentials to attempt to bulldoze world-wide acceptance of now debunked science. Carson parlayed her reputation in marine biology to cripple the use of a valid substance with credible value.

We as a people have gained a much richer understanding of the world we live in over time. We have yet to perfect the ability to recognize con artists when we see them. The mere presence of academic credentials, high positions, and degreed support are not sufficient to mask a nefarious effort. It is not sufficient to attach a criminal label to their activities after the fact. We should require of ourselves the necessity to question motives and weigh them in our judgment before their actions.

Although desirable, advanced education does not necessarily bring truth into the arena of public discourse. However, a healthy dose of cynicism on occasion would certainly enhance our opinion forming and our subsequent response. It may be our last bastion of defense against those who would deceive.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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