Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Word Play

Just playing around with words can be a lot of fun and less stressful than a stair climber for limbering up an important body part. For example two very essential words in the progressive vocabulary have an interesting feature in common.

When challenged to spell two of their favorites you find cLImatE and LIbEral. Although not in order, the letters are also hidden in PELosI and entItLEment. It’s no wonder the Marxists favorite endeavor is LIESURE. Not an aLIEn concept to most of them. I’m also not certain just what this has to do with “change you can beLIEve in.” So far, that could result in every citizen being put on reLIEf if we’re still aLIvE. Would it be impoLItE to suggest LImitEd government and more LIbErty in LIEu of that?

If this fLIES in the face of your alLegIancE, we are aLIkE. It’s the same old LInE.

Somehow, it does seem as though there is a common thread.

In His abiding love,

Two of the Moons

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