Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Andrew P. Napolitano Speaks

In an address on Oct. 2, 2009, Ex-New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a rousing address to the Campaign for Liberty. You owe it to yourself, your children, your grandchildren and your nation to click on the link and listen to Part 3 all the way to the end. This man knows constitutional law and will inspire you with his knowledge and his observations.

Like any good speech, the judge saves his most important message for last. In those seventy-five or so words, he charges every American with a sober responsibility. I truly believe that when we are able to prevail against the threat our nation now faces, one day a monument will bear these words chiseled in marble along with those of other patriots now long gone.

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its maximum hour of danger. You are that generation! This is your role! Now is that time! Freedom must be defended from every assailant in every corner of this country; from outside the country; from inside the country and especially from the government that wants to take it away from us. God Bless you.”

One only has to assume the mind of the New England farmer and storekeeper or the Carolina planter very briefly to relate to a generation called upon for greatness. Is it possible that they presumed to believe that they would be part of an epic experiment? As they cleared the land did they anticipate their political views would forge the greatest nation on the face of the earth? Did the smith, sweating at his forge, see his future as a wheelwright or a minuteman?

On what day or hour did they finally come to realize that the preservation of liberty and the realization of their hopes and dreams were in their hands and theirs alone? As the oppression of the Crown grew and their individual liberties were abridged they sensed the danger but could not have been aware of the final outcome. Their actions were not because of a vision of the United States of America which we enjoy about us today. They were a matter of local necessity. They recognized each tax, regulation, and ukase on their lives as an insult on their manhood and their ability to thrive.

They then left their families, properties and individual livelihoods to do that which they must. As each one saw his future under the heel of a foreign monarch he made the sacrifice to ensure a safe and prosperous life for his posterity. He laid aside that which had become trivial to face a larger danger which loomed. It is no easy task to turn from being a country squire to a citizen soldier. Judge Napolitano rightfully sees now as our critical hour.

That freedom, which we have for so long taken for granted, must be recognized as something worth fighting for. Those who would lead our nation have forsaken our trust and constantly eroded our liberties for their own nefarious ends. They have abused the original concepts outlined in the constitution and wrenched it about to inhibit any semblance of its former intent. The offices of government have been packed with socialist invaders, Marxist czars, and self serving representatives and one can only conclude that the enemy is at the gates. It is imperative to be conscious of the onslaught which is currently under way. To fail to recognize what is taking place is to cede victory to the destroyers and yield to a bloodless coup. This is not a calamity which will just “go away” if we choose to ignore it. Rather, it needs to be confronted suddenly and with our full attention.

Giant strides have been made in recognition of the efforts of those in government to usurp our natural rights. To regain our original position will yet demand far more awareness, effort and hard work on the part of the citizenry. It will need the concentrated effort of all those who value liberty to accomplish the final goal. It will also require a return to the Divine concepts which inspired the original framers to found the republic. Barring the presence of selfless men and women who are willing to promote the general welfare, our nation will sink into the despotic ruin of socialism.

We speak of the “Greatest Generation” as we acknowledge those patriots who fought and died to preserve freedom sixty-five plus years ago. Although we face an altogether different enemy, our generation also has the opportunity to rise to that lofty designation. We dare not fail in the face of a determined enemy. We must rise, to a man, and face this challenge with all our might and mien and strength.

Thank you Judge Napalitano!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Rational Nation USA said...

Judge Napolitano is outstanding. His grasp and understanding of constitutional law is amazing.