Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Feature on this Site


In the interest of furthering the word on upcoming events, efforts, candidates, and restoring the republic to its former intent, we have added a new feature on Zion Beckons. Note please, in the left hand column, the heading Tea Party Patriots. There is a listing of resources devoted to the “movement.” Some are better than others so check them out and use the information you find there to be on top of what’s happening both nationally and in your neighborhood.

We are aware that there are many fine, dedicated Republicans with the concepts of liberty in their hearts and minds. There are also more than a few with some completely wrong headed ideas about what the party is about. The “big tent” concept has come, made itself known and been rejected by many in the true conservative movement. If an individual cannot see that being pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro tax and spend, pro-socialized medicine, pro-gun control and willing to ignore the constitution, perhaps they might be happier across the aisle with the Democrat machine. If they will not go quietly then a nudge might help.

I have voted for every republican since Eisenhower and come to this conclusion about my fellow republicans with considerable regret. We have had many fine men and women step up to represent us. Today, however, we need the strength which comes from a thorough understanding of the founders’ original intent. I shall never again vote for any candidate because of a party label. I strongly encourage you to follow my lead. Sometimes, we just have to admit that we were wrong.

One word of warning on the sites listed. Although well done, they may not have that polish that some of the entrenched party sites have. Always follow up on the information you receive and verify dates, locations, speakers, etc… While you visit, read comments from others on various issues covered; it’s entertaining and sometimes informative. Keep in mind that the this effort is “of the people” and the only true grassroots effort available.

In the ten Tea Parties I have attended so far, two widely disparate events have had the most profound affect on my attitudes. Obviously, the 9/12 party in Washington, D.C. with the grand mass of people (I have settled on 850,000) of one mind to redeem the control of our government was outstanding. The other one was equally important and barely had 200 patriots in attendance. Cassville, MO (population 3095) in front of the municipal building, managed to bring 6% of their community to the affair. With a three piece pick-up band and an alderman as the featured speaker, they generated the fundamental enthusiasm and awareness of their civic responsibility with ardor and intensity. Both were a thrill and both were equally important to those involved.

In the final analysis it boils down to participation. If we the people, are ever to take back the control of our government, it is up to each of us to become part of the movement to do so. This issue can’t be left up to Ben, or Mary, or Stan, no matter how wise or eager. We must individually seize the moment and do our part. Check out your options using our new feature and get involved.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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