Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Guy Gets IT

Some of the most stimulating reading I do on the net is creditable to American Thinker.  The articles are from a wide variety of folks who individually understand their subject matter and are capable of making lucid compositions. Their readership and commenters are among the brightest as well. That does not mean they have no dissenters but rather everyone involved is courteous and offers reasoned responses.

The link above will take you to the specific article from which I have taken this comment. Read it and enjoy and then go back to the American Thinker, read a few posts, and see if you don’t agree. Here is the comment:

“Posted by KENNYJR.

Dec22, 08:57 AM

Please remember everyone, the loony leftists may control the government of this country, but God is in control of the whole universe. The moonbats on the left are no match for God & if they continue on their current path, they will experience God's wrath. God told us to be good stewards of the earth, He did not tell us to worship it. God told us to be fruitful & multiply, He did not tell us to kill our own because the earth isn't big enough to hold everyone created by God. God told us to have dominion over all the creatures of the earth, He did not tell us to worship animals & put them above the human beings created by Him. God blessed us with the natural resources we have to sustain us. By not using them we are telling Him we do not appreciate His blessings & we don't need Him or his gifts to us. People, the left are on a collision course with Almighty God & I think we know who will come out victorious. They make my life miserable, they may try to take away my freedom, they may try to separate me from my God, but I know deep down they have already lost the battle. God & everything good will be victorious in the end & there is NOTHING the left can do to alter the outcome of this battle. I know the left cannot hurt me if I stick with God & trust Him. Are you with me? Better yet, are you with Him? For your sake I truly hope you are. Through God nothing is impossible & everything is possible. Keep the faith everyone & don't worry about the left. They will take care of themselves if you know what I mean. May the reason for the season bless you all today, tomorrow, & always!”

Perhaps it was because I agreed with KENNYJR that I found the comment so pleasing. I always appreciate it when at least “one guy gets it.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Mr. Cecil,

I re-posted this onto my blog, as it is pertinent and relevant to my won life.

You have been credited, of course, and so has American Thinker.

Last night I was raging about our Nation and this morning I read what you posted. Funny how the Lord works, isn't it?

His ways are definitely not our ways.

Respectfully, Donald in Bethel, CT