Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Future of Tea Parties

I read a piece this morning from Breitbart‘s Big Government on the diminished importance of the Tea Party. In it he makes several valid points for latter-day patriots to advance along a refreshed path for the republic. He also asserts that the movement was ignored by the ruling elites and ineffective. To give him the benefit of the doubt I recommend that you read his offering.

As part of the 800,000 who descended upon Washington on 9/12/09, I strongly deny that we did not have the desired affect on the leadership. Their denial that it didn’t happen amounted to little more than whistling past the graveyard. What did anyone expect them to do: admit that it was a powerful statement by the people in opposition to their programs and policies? You would have to be smoking something to think that. Of course they would deny, lie, obstruct, divert, confuse and use every other trick in the book to obfuscate the terrible realization that many of the population would come to town to rain on their little parade. The worst of it was that every person who went knew many at home who could not come but wanted to.

These people make a career out of ignoring the truth. The obtuse habit of using the obscene sexual reference to refer to their fellow citizens who disagree simply underlines their innate fear of the movement. A glance out of just about any window in the DC area would have revealed the immensity of the crowd. Their opinions were plainly stated on hundreds of thousands of placards, hats, T-shirts, flags, banners and shouted with the help of bull horns. An even 100 port-a-potties had 35 to 40 persons each in line for use all day long.

If that were not enough, once home, these protestors and more showed up at a huge number of town halls, and local rallies to further ask the hard questions to which no one had satisfactorily responded. They didn’t get to be professional robbers of the public treasury by ignoring which way the wind is blowing. I’ll even give them credit for recognizing a hurricane when they see it--and see it they do.

We are all aware by now that the major media will not report any bad news for this administration. Therefore, it is not surprising that they didn’t cover the national or local tea parties. That, in itself, did not deny the occurrence but became a further signal of the importance of the march. They were conspicuous in the absence of reporting. Keep in mind that if 8 leftists show up for a protest they are always outnumbered by reporters by a factor of ten. The failure to acknowledge the presence of 800,000 then becomes very telling. We were there and they knew it. It scared them to death but they are dedicated to a relentless move toward socialism and continue it they must.

It is here that my agreement with the article kicks in. The piece outlines the importance of seeking control of government at all levels. From the council seat on up, our governance must be surrendered to citizen representatives who have the capacity to exert the will of the people. They have other duties in the community so they would be able to serve for a while, one or two terms, and then pass it on to the next guy. I trust my vet to be the mayor (he is!) and my insurance agent to be on the school board (he is!) and my good friend at the local golf course to also be on the school board (he is!) because I respect their character and financial abilities. None of these guys have aspirations to climb the ladder of fraud to gain political success for themselves. All three are reliable family men with the best interests of the community at heart.

My conclusion is that it is not a case of one or the other but rather both. I believe we need the local guys to keep things straight in our local offices and we also need the massive demonstrations to filter up and have an affect on the ruling elites. They have to be reminded that our “team” has a “deep bench” and we would happily make substitutions.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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