Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Interesting Factoids

Polling statistics from Rasmussen are the very best available. We maintain that fact based on past results of polling compared to actual election results and the fact that Rasmussen polls on registered voters who are declared “likely to vote.” In addition, they use an automated telephone polling system which does not involve live operators who would have the opportunity to give either direct or subtle direction to the respondents. Most results are within the 3% +/- range.

For example, they have been polling the approval of Obama by using the “strongly approve” vs. “strongly disapprove” method. On January 22nd, his numbers indicated a strongly approve factor of +30% on that index. On June 23rd, the difference was 0 for the first time and wavered until June 30th when the difference was -2%. It has not been positive as much as one day since. On November 15th, the difference went to minus double-digits and has remained there since. The -21% on December 22, was the lowest recorded and is -15% today. The difference between the starting point and now is 45%. The indicators of consistent trends are more dependable than individual statistics.

To follow this polling on a daily basis, click here for Rasmussen.

One of the more interesting quotes from Rasmussen was this one. “Today, 46% of government employees say the economy is getting better while just 31% say it’s getting worse. Among those who work in the private sector, the numbers are reversed: 32% say better and 49% worse.” Speaking as one whose wife has been unable to work for the last three months, I am more comfortable (or uncomfortable) with the 49% number.

That’s not hard to figure out. If you are employed with a government job and just got a raise or promotion, things are looking pretty good—for you. On the other hand, if you or your brother or your wife just got laid-off, you are probably struggling to see how you can make ends meet. It also informs us as to why the government is so ineffective at solving our current problems. If they foolishly think things are getting better that would mean they are blind to the real problems which surround the citizenry. I believe that is what they mean when they say the “government is out of touch.”

In the “wages of sin” department, the infamous Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska who garnered a sweetheart deal for Nebraskans on Health Care, came up short in the approval/disapproval rankings. When compared to Governor Dave Heineman, it was only 30% for the senator and a whopping 61% for the governor. Apparently, Nebraskans have more character than the senator imagined and are not ruled by self interest.

I highly recommend checking these numbers as therapy. Just when you think that America is in hopeless straits, you find that you share your opinion with millions of your fellow citizens and it raises your hopes for the nation. Perhaps the people are not so much the victims of ignorance as we imagine. Some of the opinion polls demonstrate some very sound thinking.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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