Saturday, November 21, 2009

…too darned intellectual

Chris Matthews came up with a dilly; “Is Obama just too darned intellectual?” This has really troubled those of us who are universally opposed to every thing he has done over the last ten months. Just for fun here is a graded list of some of his handling of thorny issues.

Reading ability ---------------- A+

Delivery ----------------------  A+

Extemporaneous Speaking -----F

International Diplomacy --------F

Basic Civics (57 states) ------- F

International History ----------- F

U.S. Constitution -------------- F

Inspiring “leg-tingling” ------ ----B

Yeah ,Chris, this guy is a real mental giant. It is reminiscent of Geico selling insurance using a gecko as their spokesman. The reality level is about the same as well. Is there anybody who believes that this “prop” actually thinks up the crap he spews? Oh yeah, I forgot: Chris Matthews. His relationship with “the one” is accomplished by remembering our slogan; “mental midgets of the world, unite.”

Perhaps Chris evaluated Obama's transcript as an undergraduate or from Harvard. His grades were so good that he has protected the public from embarrassing comparisons by not releasing them. I believe that he got “AA” on every course--affirmative action that is. At the least he is not at the extreme bottom of the intellectual pile since that is firmly occupied by Chris Matthews.

I seem to remember the same thing being said about Jimmy Carter. Let’s see, he managed to saddle us all with interest rates well past usurious, signed the law creating the Community Reinvestment Act, bungled the hostage crisis in Iran and left us with re-instatement of the draft. His greatest legacy was fleeing from an enraged rabbit. But some accused him, falsely, of being an intellectual giant..

Even today he insists that the nails used in construction for Habitat for Humanity all have “this side up” stenciled on the heads. I will give Carter this: he laid the groundwork for the election of one of the greatest of American presidents, Ronald Reagan.

Matthews, give me a break!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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