Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 119

My favorite preacher, Lee Parsons, was “on fire” this morning as he addressed anger. As expected, he decried it in the church and cautioned against it in any situation. With several scripture readings from Proverbs and others, it was provoking to hear those offerings. With an avocational interest in political matters it is very easy to fall into the “anger” trap. Without question, it feeds faulty thinking and rude response.

The strongest reminder came with the words of Christ from the cross. As the mobs of former supporters cried for his further pain and suffering, He begged God to “forgive them.” He did not yield to anger or seek revenge..

Mr. Protocol?

Much has been made over the now infamous “bow.” When greeting emperor Akihito of Japan, the president bowed deeply from the waist which many took as a surrender of American sovereignty and debasement of our status as the most powerful country in the world. It is possible that the sign on his posterior may not have been in the original.

Further, we see the president during the national anthem at an event in the United States and his indifference to the tradition of holding one’s hand over the heart or a hand salute from uniformed military personnel during the performance.

If one were to seek sound advice on the proper protocols for patriotic gestures one would be better advised to seek an active Cub Scout for counsel. If a scout was not available you could easily find a Brownie--just look for a ready source of delicious cookies. On these matters, one would be well served with direction from a nine year old. Given the existing evidence, you certainly would not consult the president. So far he is the prime exemplar of a total dud in that department.

His consistent assumed ignorance of patriotic codes raises questions of whether his behavior is deliberate. Is there no one on his staff who is aware of these rules? I suppose that when you “know it all” you don’t seek any help. That would be consistent with the balance of his policies. When combined with failures to fulfill campaign promises, willful ignorance of the Constitution, and the murky platitudes of his speechmaking it is easy to question not only his knowledge but his motives.

Is it Just Me?

As a creature of habit, I start my morning rounds of the internet with a set routine which works well for me. I always open with Day-by-Day to establish a theme of good cheer to face the reported horrors of the Drudge Report. I then click on the earthquake report and a subsequent string of blogs (here, here, and here) which I have chosen because they are written with integrity, wit, and provide groups of commenters who are dependably lucid in their opinions.

As mentioned, it’s Day-by-Day which usually provides the starter humor for the day so this morning I was surprised to find myself in stitches over the headlines on Drudge. The reason was simple; there were some which not only not news but a recitation of things so common as to be ridiculous. Maybe I have just become callous. For example:

"Russia warns of climate catastrophe"... Someone tell me please exactly what day over the last few years has someone not warned of a climate catastrophe.

"CHICAGOLAND: Body of school board chief found in River"... A body found in a river in Chicago, regardless of job description, is equivalent to “Man buys ‘big Mac’ and has fries and Coke.” How about reporting ‘Baby has full diaper?’ What’s next; ‘Ryan freeway jammed at4 pm ?’

"Obama Aide Dunn Renews Criticism of FOX, Hails Jon Stewart"... Surprise! Surprise! A person who quotes Mao as a timeless philosopher continues to criticize Fox News. The only logical follow-up would be to think Jon Stewart a credible source. This is news?

"Arrest at WALMART leads to charges of racism".... Of course! We live in a world where even the slightest criticism leads to charges of racism. Not to worry; a sympathetic jury of peers will soon release the culprit to further prey upon society.

I happen to like the Drudge Report. I frequently congratulate Matt Drudge for being the genius he is in digging out the dirt. I remind myself that because of Drudge, Monica Lewinsky became a household word. I also realize that with Obama out of town that news is slow and irregular because of the time difference and keeping the page full is difficult. But Matt, please give me a break and give me some news. This amounts to simply regurgitating that which most of us see as common existing knowledge.

On second thought, finding a miscreant in congress, a presidential gaffe, a bizarre murder, a catastrophic weather event, and a two-headed calf are all in total the substance of news today so perhaps I should give Drudge a break. So, keep up the good work Matt and keep me informed whether I take it seriously or not. I need the grins.

And finally

The delightful Indian Summer which we enjoyed for several days has come to an end. It has been replaced by declining temperatures, rain, general overcast skies and typical pre-Thanksgiving weather. The birds at the feeder have returned in abundance. They are not as colorful as before because of their annual change to more protective camouflage. Due to early departures on traditional flights to escape the perils of winter, some species are no longer about. The remainder is here and has a voracious appetite.

An early morning call from the local conservation agent reminded us that deer season is in full sway. He was looking for violators and road hunters whose apprehension we would applaud. We are not anti-hunting but wish to preserve our little patch complete with every natural critter—except Copperheads. The local herd has about cleaned up the acorns on the clear ground close to the house and moved deeper into the forest.

We treasure our God given opportunity to live in this natural world which surrounds us. It has its inconveniences but the trade is worth it.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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