Tuesday, November 10, 2009

“None Dare Call It Treason”

“As long as capitalism and socialism exist we cannot live in peace; in the end, one or the other will triumph—a funeral dirge will be sung over either the Soviet Republics or over world capitalism.” V.I. Lenin

Lenin wrote these words which may now seem archaic and inappropriate. On the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent apparent fall of communism in Eastern Europe we need to reexamine this ongoing struggle.

John A. Stormer wrote his classic None Dare Call it Treason in 1964 to address the ennui of our populace to the threat posed by world communism. It sold well over a million copies and successfully alerted many but not all Americans to the dangers inherent in that vile alternative to capitalism and the despotism required to sustain it. In some quarters it was treated as a hysterical reaction to the progressive cause despite voluminous footnotes and references sustaining the author’s assertions. It also served as a timely alert to millions of Americans by plainly defining the threats mounted against capitalism and the liberty to pursue it.

These threats, although bearing many different identifiers, are unified in purpose if not in nomenclature. Communism, socialism, progressivism, new world order, Maoism, all have one thing in common: state control of every aspect of their followers lives. At that point, they all become fascism. The price is clearly the sacrifice of individual freedom to gain “equality” of availability of resources. A former president once said: “a rising tide raises all boats.” That is certainly true when viewed from a capitalist perspective but when universal dispersal is involved it could as easily be said that “an ebb tide lowers all boats.”

Like most altruistic goals, socialism results in great wealth and power placed in the hands of the leadership at the expense of the people. Once deprived of control of their own destinies, they find their resources delivered to the state for redistribution. The dispersement then becomes one for the people and one for the state. Wealth then is concentrated at the top with resultant cost to the providers. This fiction then continues with platitudes such as “each according to his needs.” In most cases, the state takes and rarely delivers.

Theoretically, we are a society governed by laws and not men. We, because of those laws, do not actually require a charismatic leader to be successful. Even the most clumsy and inept of those who have occupied the oval office have, by law, been replaced eventually by those who restored that same rule. However, each has left a legacy of advancing socialism and a taint of malpractice. This then, defines “creeping socialism.” Social security, Great Society, Community Reinvestment Act—gifts from Roosevelt, Johnson and Carter—are typical of advances made by progressive presidents to the detriment of the republic. We continue to suffer from their enactment and still carry the pain which they caused.

Law and principle survive from generation to generation as the leaders perish. The further we travel from the successful original principles as ordained by the founders, the closer we come to anarchy and the failure of our government.

Added to the mix of names for the enemies of the capitalist state we now find Islamic Fascism. Misunderstanding the wording of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, we have become tolerant of an all-out assault on the nation in the name of Allah. Our principal enemy then becomes political correctness which clouds the language, and therefore cloaks the villains. The lead picture above demonstrates the horrible consequences which result from respecting ignorant psychobabble over common horse sense.

The enemies of our republic are not always identified as easily as panzer divisions, air armadas, and great fleets of assault vessels have been in the past. We face a far more insidious threat and our leaders are reluctant to “call it treason.” Our sacred constitution is under assault as surely as if it were torched. If we, in the name of tolerance, allow it to continue, we shall surely be consumed as well. God help us all.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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