Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 118

A general statistic of interest has been revealed on recent examination of the StatCounter. Zion Beckons readers are largely absent between the hours of 12:01 am and 12:01 pm on Sundays. I am heartened that you all have much more important things to do within that time frame than read our ramblings. Preparation for attendance at the church of your inclination takes precedence over anything which the miscreants in D.C. could possibly dream up.

Thank you all for reinforcing my belief that you are a faithful and God fearing bunch. That still leaves us 156 hours a week to excoriate the practitioners of the political black arts. They present a fat and lazy target for our disdain. We can even forgive your inattention during the rest of Sunday as you cheer on your favorite gridiron warriors. However, we do expect to see you return after 10:00 pm in the evening.

What’s Up with the Jews?

It has always struck me as strange that a people so persecuted by National Socialism in Germany could go on to embrace socialism in its various versions in other governments. The holocaust resulted in the incarceration of millions of Jews and the accompanying deaths of 6-7 million during the period leading up to and including WWII. When we ignore the pogroms and the horrors of the concentration camps we find an industrious people with inbred talents for entrepreneurship and financial dealings. Socialism is anathema to either ability.

What then, drives them as a people to embrace every lunatic socialist (Marxist) who comes down the pike. On day-to-day social issues, gay marriage, suicide, euthanasia, they continue as the most liberal demographic. Starting with Franklin Roosevelt here in America, they have provided a dependable voting block for Democrats and creeping socialism. Today, according to David Klinghoffer, “An Obama bumper sticker, whether in Hebrew or English, says ‘I’m smart. I’m enlightened.’” Personally, I’d say they would be better to just put a sticker on the seat of their pants which says, “Kick me.”

It sometimes appears that the primary support for the independent state of Israel is to be found in the sanctuaries of evangelical protestant churches. There seems to be a disconnect between the heroic historical figures who fought so valiantly for the Jewish State and those Jews in this country who appear to dismiss it out of hand.

Embrace of socialism, through pleas of compassion, fall on deaf ears when they come from privileged Jewish academics and higher achieving members of the business community. Guilt born of achievement would come closer to an explanation. Contradictions such as these contribute to my confusion of what modern Judaism is all about. Even after review of some of these inconsistencies, I am still no closer to the answers I seek. In discussing any group, it pays to remember that generalizations are dangerous and of course no single person or faction speaks for the entirety.


It appears that failure to understand this acronym may be the root cause of the misrepresentation of the right wing loonies (that would be Granny and I) who are four square against messing with health delivery systems in the United States. For those who are not Hienlein fans, it is a quote from “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and states: “There aint no such thing as a free lunch.” 1.2 trillion dollars, the cost of recent legislation passed by the House, is about as far from a “free lunch” as we need to be..

16% of our total gross national product is huge. This sector of the economy accounts for $1 in every $6.66 that is spent in America. For every case of coke you buy that would be a dollar for health care. $666 for rent or mortgage payment would have $100 for our socialized medicine obligation—every month. If you fail to contribute to this massive pot, under the law, you would be subject to penalties up to and including serious jail time. Yes, you can be incarcerated for failure to comply.

Think of all the massive programs which already exist under the purview of the federal government, the defense establishment, the post office, the railroads, the administrative bureaucracy, plus—yes plus!—the sum total of state and local government spending plus the entire output of commercial interests in sales, services and manufacturing to come up with the gross national product. The result is the total of which the federal government, upon agreement by the senate, will have under their thumb. Given the experience you already have with governmental “efficiency” what could possibly go wrong?

Clearly understand that under current law if you show up at the emergency room with a missing leg they are under a legal obligation to render aid without regard to your financial ability to pay for your services. This is the “free lunch” which every American now enjoys. To further encumber the productive members of society with obligations and penalties will only further separate our peoples and create a drain on those who are the principal support for the existing system.

In many ways this program is a first cousin to Cash for Clunkers. Under that program, distressed manufacturers were allowed to redeem perfectly good transportation and destroy it to create a market. Under this program we will take our medical resources—among the best in the world—tear them apart, lose the practitioners, bury the system under an avalanche of paperwork and turn critical life lengthening matters over to bureaucrats and form shufflers. In the end, the real problems remain unsolved: interstate sales of health care plans, avaricious and unchecked trial lawyers, Medicare fraud and CYA excessive tests and treatments. Each of the former could be resolved with necessary and targeted legislation which is long over due.

This entire program is extracted from the unwritten book: How to Destroy America Without Firing a Shot. Regardless of any former stated senatorial position on this issue, you—yes you—need to be in constant touch with your senators to assure them that you are alert their actions. If their mailbox is not flooded and their phone lines are not jammed I promise they will follow their own self-interest and vote accordingly on this critical issue. If they are unwilling to include themselves in this legislation, through amendment, they simply demonstrate disregard for the electorate by separating themselves from the rabble—that would be YOU! We are long past “casual observation” in this matter as an effective ban to the systematic destruction of the country. What is required is a hands on effort by each and every American to bring this run-a-way train to a sudden stop. Smokey the Bear was absolutely right—Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires—and rampaging socialism.

And finally,

After a week-long drying period, the leaves are now cleared from the four acre lawn. The birds have returned to the feeder. We have two different rose bushes with absolutely full gorgeous blossoms. The temperatures have been at daylight highs of about 70 degrees, God’s in His heaven, and all’s right with the world.

Sunday marked the day we honored the veterans of wars reaching back to WWII. I was proud to stand with those men who offered everything to their country. To a man they stood tall and represented the most faithful contributors of time, talent and faith to the congregation. The oldest was eighty-two (WW II) and the youngest, at nineteen, a fresh recruit in the Army. During a horrible week for the military it was a grand relief to be reminded that some have and still do understand their obligations to their country and their fellow citizens.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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