Saturday, October 3, 2009

It’s called Socialized Medicine

We have been hounded for the last few months with conversation about the “health care” debate. Let’s get something straight right now. The debate over this divisive issue has absolutely nothing to do with “health care.” It is principally about the socialization of 17% of the nation’s economy and putting government in charge of every American’s most vital decisions.

Those who have led the opposition have been seduced by those who are for it by allowing them the privilege of naming the struggle. I hereby make you a promise: henceforth you shall no longer read the former words in anything written here or spoken by me publicly. From this day forward it shall carry the only appropriate name: socialized medicine.

Further, there is no room in the American way of life for a “public option.” Our government is only responsible for providing those services which are national in scope and require over-riding local interests for their operation. If you question this I would suggest you consult the United States Constitution which mandates: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Amendment X. The key words here are, “to the people.” By definition, “the people” refers to those who were either naturally born here or legally naturalized. This does not include those who are best described as felons by their current designation as illegal immigrants.

Operation of an interstate mail service, the coinage of money and currency, maintaining the military in national defense, or anything too large, unwieldy, or involving services which the several states could not do on a local basis are included. If the federal government is not directly charged by the constitution to operate an overarching supervision it is therefore prohibited from intruding on the lives of the citizenry in the several states. To ignore this is to usurp the powers granted by our founding document and constitutes the inability to “uphold the Constitution of the United States.” I have repeatedly admonished those of our people, and especially the leadership, who have taken that pledge and now ignore their oath.

Those who fail to keep that oath are as guilty of treason as any person who gives aid and comfort to a wartime enemy. When those in a legislature cannot find the time or the will to read pending bills, keep their contents a secret from the public, plan upcoming votes consistent with polling data and out rightly lie about their intentions, I believe that to be treasonous as well and certainly grounds for their dismissal..

In the sixth (or was it the fifth?) grade, we learned that all bills which contain claims against the public treasury are required to originate in the House of Representatives. Even with that universal truth in mind the sponsors of the bill claim that it will be revenue neutral. Assaulted by easily identified provisions which blatantly call for vast expenditures over time, they continue to maintain that fiction. Perversion of the truth has become a ritual on Capitol Hill..

If you erroneously believe that my position reflects a Republican point of view you may now dismiss it. The matter has little to do with party affiliation. I am an equal opportunity critic of all of those in high places who abuse the intent of the founders of this republic. I have observed high crimes and misdemeanors on the part of members on both sides of the aisle as well as independents. I have suffered disappointment in decisions made by both parties in the presidency. I believe that people who have little threat of dismissal and a life-time continuance of income have little reason to fear the results of their crimes against society. Representing an average of nearly 670,000 people should require at least listening on occasion to various factions within that group. Even in so-called “solid” districts there are those with valid objections. At the least, they should be heard. I also submit that none of the leaders referred to are worthy of adulation or praise.

When all is said and done, the socialization of America is not an objective consistent with the noble aims of those who sacrificed to found this nation and those who continued to shed blood to protect it. There is more nobility in a man missing a limb or his life in battle to defend us than there is in the entirety of Washington, D.C… Whether the individual representative is of either the Jumbo or the Jackass party, his feet should ever be held to the fire of outrage to defeat any attempt to socialize the greatest institution in the world. He can offer no example of success in such a governmental effort.

Many claim that this vile attempt is consistent with the burgeoning population and the necessity for change. Hogwash! This country has changed with each passing day since its founding but the spirit of its people have remained constant in their search for continued freedom. We are peopled by those who sought refuge from the very tyrannies those who lead now espouse. Why would we wish to turn our lives and its minutiae over to an oppressive federal bureaucracy?

Words have meaning. It is more important than ever that we choose the right ones. The labeling of the upcoming initiative should only reflect its intent: socialized medicine. The doctors hate it, the seniors hate it, the youth would hate it when they got the bill, and just about anyone who thoughtfully considers it would see the folly. Please follow my lead and abandon the false label and help to defeat socialized medicine and its eventual pathway to the destruction of America.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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