Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 111

Although Lee Parsons was missing from church this morning, Brother Ray Wells filled in as a most effective representative of Jesus Christ. It may have to do with his 35 years in the pulpit. He pointed out a verse, Exodus 10:3, the last sentence of which is an oft quoted line offered most frequently in part and usurped by the civil rights movement: “Let my people go.” It was spoken by God to Pharaoh and as usual, not completely stated. It is actually: “Let my people go, that they may serve me.” The absence of the last five words completely corrupts the intent of God Almighty. Here lies the evil inherent in quotation of partial scripture without the supporting story contained in the entire chapter.

As brother Wells remarked: “keep in mind that some people will only be exposed to the Bible by that which we as individual believers offer them.” It is a treat to hear a fire breathing preacher to remind of us our shortcomings, procrastination and the necessity of a full embrace of the word of God.

Racism Explained to Morons

By all accounts from the left, your host at Zion Beckons is a racist. By their definition, if one decries a socialist/Marxist takeover of the government—you are a racist. By their definition if you oppose the dismantling of the Bill of Rights—you are a racist. In their warped minds if you seek to protect the federal treasury from the robbers on the left—you are a racist. If you are willing to fight for “Old Glory,” its tradition and all it represents—you are a racist. If you disapprove of the underhanded tactics used by ACORN and the NEA—you are a racist. If you disavow any respect for acknowledged criminals in high seats of government—you are a racist. If you are unwilling to “go along to get along”—you are a racist.

This does little to encourage freedom loving, noble people of color, to engage in politics for the enhancement of American values and traditions. Branding resistance to the vile policies of the new administration as racism is not only ignorant but also shames the sacrifice of thousands of Americans of all colors who fought tirelessly to achieve racial parity in our country throughout our history. We are clearly identified in the Pledge of Allegiance as “one people, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” To hurl racist epithets at those who themselves fought this battle and whose ancestors struggled to achieve those ends is unconscionable. It is also par for the course for those who currently occupy the seats of power in Washington, D.C.

If we are indeed a racist society; how come we don’t see endless protests from Chinese, Koreans, Hmongs, Japanese, Pacific Islanders, and the perpetual parade of Europeans and Africans who have sought refuge on these golden shores over the decades? What treasure do they see in American citizenship which transcends their individual racial loyalties? What other country has been peopled by so many varieties of immigrants seeking freedom, prosperity and the right to worship as they please? The short answer is—none.

Our current accusations of the racism of our people are not so much a cry for freedom as an industry for those who would take unfair advantage of our sensitivities. The race-baiters are in truth the self-aggrandizing, opportunistic, America haters who would seek to destroy the greatest country in the world by the tactics of division among its people. They would supplant our sacred founding documents, which emphasize the will of the individual, with a collective ukase to enable a governmental system which disrespects every principle which informed Americans hold dear.

This insane desire to inflict uncivil rights on our people is a travesty which the administration has taken few steps to disavow. The left portrays Obama as an object of racism but rarely identifies his actual racial component. In fact, his lineage is 50% white Irish, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% black African. This is hardly the picture painted by the media and his supporters. Perhaps they could verify the mix by checking his birth certificate—oh, I forgot, he doesn’t have one. What a farce!

CAIR comes to D.C.

We may now observe the reward offered to those who have sworn to destroy our country and have taken nearly 3,000 in the process on 9/11/01. Even after countless attempts to duplicate that atrocity, and some successful outrages here and world wide, our government has taken a “forgive and forget” attitude and invited the “spiritual” faction to the mall for a prayer meeting. In a city full of those who would remove all vestiges of Christianity and Judaism from any and all public view, we find those who have discovered tolerance for anything Muslim in full hypocritical mode.

Their very presence insults every principle which Americans hold dear. Forgiveness is an established necessity for salvation but it must also be followed immediately by repentance. This often overlooked component is an absolute requirement. Shame on a government which does not understand these fundamental needs.

Wait, There’s More!

That’s what the pitchmen say just before they double the order for $19.95 and only charge you for additional shipping and handling ($73.50.) In a vain effort to federalize your health care system, Democrats are crafting better sounding and more visibly effective versions of the health care legislation. Most are even worse than the original but are put forth in a brand new wrapper of control to inflict on those citizens who aren’t really paying attention.

I don’t choose to advertise the phony efforts and celebrate the sponsors of these bills. Each is still clouded by the lack of transparency in this administration. The meme is “believe what I say and not what I do.” They all have one thing in common: you will wind up paying an exorbitant price for a lesser service.

As conservatives we are often accused of having objections without any specific plan for improvement. I disagree. For starters, pass legislation which deals with current failures in our health care system. Rein in the trial lawyers, allow commerce in health insurance across state lines, eliminate costly regulatory practice and return control of every aspect of medical and insurance practice to the individual states. Further, require that every person with direct control of possible government influence be required to participate in and live by whatever onerous decisions are made. We will realize the sincerity of our leaders when they have to live (or die) with their own legislation and stop feeding at the public trough.

And finally

It’s nearly October and it’s time for the hunt. Here in Missouri, we are in the midst of bow season. Game is protected on our acreage and we are favored by an excessive presence of deer on the property. How do they know that we mean them no harm? It’s not that we disapprove of hunting but rather we enjoy, selfishly, the joys of seeing deer on the property; bears, skunks, and armadillos—not so much. It’s also fun to watch the dogs go nuts when they spot them out the window grazing in the front yard.

Apparently the gold finches sense an unpleasant fall for they have apparently departed for a warmer clime. The cardinals and nuthatches remain, greedily enjoying having the feeders to themselves. I am reminded of a friend in Arizona who wanted a leg up on the coming winter and consulted an old Apache neighbor on his uncanny ability to predict the severity of the coming season. When questioned he replied, “If white man stack much wood on porch, we have bad winter.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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