Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 105

I must be one of the most fortunate men alive. Not only was I privileged to hear Steve Mapes recall his last missionary trip to the Philippines and the marvelous progress made by those working in that end of the vineyard but also I stayed for the dinner afterward. Steve came armed with a power point presentation which detailed the Lord’s work in that island republic and with all the enthusiasm which only the young can muster. It was marvelous. He is an able servant of the Lord.

There are occasions when after church, either with Jan and the Baptists or on my forays to worship with the Saints in Miami, OK that I become concerned with the obvious note that both congregations are aging. It is wonderful to be with folks my age who are steeped in their accumulated love of the Lord. It is even more uplifting to see a balanced age representation to be assured that His work will continue. I realize that when I pass others must take my spot and continue what I leave undone. With that in mind I rejoice for both groups that they have youngsters at various stages of development and they will also acquire the maturity in the spirit to keep the work alive. God is good!

A Bible scholar -- not!

During the campaign, the president made a speech in the mid-west emphasizing the importance of his faith. He claimed his favorite bible verse was John 16:3.

If I were charitable, I would attribute this faux pas to a clueless speech writer who was unfamiliar with scripture. On second thought it may be that the president is indeed, enthralled by the one quoted. If you think about it--it makes more sense.

To remind you, John 16:3 states:

“And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.” (KJV)

Carelessness or divine intervention--who can say for sure?

Preparation for September 12

Nearly sixty years ago I lived in the District of Columbia, worked a midnight shift at the FBI and went to George Washington Univ. in the evenings before work. Even back then, parking was a horror and I could never get closer than a half mile from 10th and Pennsylvania and an even worse result at GW. At 19 or 20, one doesn’t even notice a half mile or a mile walk. It’s just part of life and requires little more effort than showing up in time to do it.

Nearly sixty years later it is quite a different matter. To insure my ability to cope with the challenges I will face from impossible parking, I have launched a vigorous program of training. I modestly started with a mile the first day and added additional distance since and intend to increase until I can handle ten miles a day without collapsing in a pile. I’m 28 days out and believe I should be able to get in reasonable shape by then. If my daughter can run 26 in a marathon, I should be able to manage to walk ten. Unlike her, I must gradually add weight to equal what I will carry while afoot. Signage, camera, bull-horn and the rest add up so I would be unrealistic not to be ready. In the process, I’m hoping that the 215 lbs. of lard I’m starting with may diminish also.
Although I have no hope of gaining expertise in the many issues which our nation is facing. I would, however, like to be conversant enough on most of them to make a logical protest if they come up. Since the administration has managed to create a crisis a day since January, it requires constant vigilance to discuss the issue de jour. Even though much of current controversy is raised as a smoke screen to cloud other more important matters, each must be addressed and dealt with.

I am certain that I shall never have the opportunity to address a gathering, engage a representative, or be interviewed by a news source. It has happened in smaller venues but this is the Big Leagues and rookies aren’t starters. I still want to be prepared in the unlikely event it would happen. I don’t want to be as bumbling as Obama is without a teleprompter. My principal role is as a statistic. My heart's desire would be to be included in a “reported million protestors.” I could handle that as a complete victory on a personal level. Were that the case, the nation would be the primary beneficiary.

There is plenty of time left to work this trip into your busy schedule. Practice your best screaming voice and join the crowd. It will be an event you will never forget. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your love of liberty and your endurance on a very public stage. You will be tired, frustrated, inconvenienced, and somewhat uncomfortable but at the end of the day you will have participated in a very primitive democratic process. Come on--join the fun. It’s easy to find Washington; just drive east until you see a mountainous pile of lies.

Grandma’s Reprieve

Perhaps one of the most onerous of the proposals contained within the health-care bill is/was the “End of life option.” The thought of cutting off Grandma’s lifeline was a step too far. The additional thought of turning grandma’s future over to career bureaucrats with little medical experience was all the more offensive.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) declared: "the provision had been dropped from consideration because it could be misinterpreted or implemented incorrectly." In other words, the provision which was announced as vital to the overall program is conveniently shelved--for now.

Well, that’s one awful proposal down and umpty-leven more remain. What Grassley did not announce was that once the parent bill was passed it would be all too convenient to add the offending issue at a later date dressed up in a suitable disguise.

And finally

Back a few months ago, I quoted an article I lifted from the AARP magazine about the COLA on social security payments. For the first time in decades there will be no COLA and elder payments will remain the same. Now, the geniuses in charge are wondering why so many seniors have shown up a various events and accused the government about not caring and ignoring their needs.

Gee, could there possibly be a connection?

Amidst all of this, God continues to provide every needful blessing and the strength to carry on this fight against the oppressive elites who would rule our lives. A much needed rain is on the horizon, the bushes are in bloom, the birds continue to gorge at the feeders, God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world--nearly.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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