Thursday, August 13, 2009

Honduras on Fire

First, a disclaimer; I have no personal and hands-on knowledge of the current problems in Honduras. Like you, I read reports in the news, listen to our president, and try to gain intelligence by reading between the lines and using common sense. To balance my input I have the advantage of personal friendship with missionaries who have spent many years in the country, have come to love the people and understand the local political scene. As a result, there a few things which should be made clear.

Most mainstream media reports include the word “coup.” There is no coup. The lawful government in accordance with their constitution ousted the president for an unlawful act. Their presidency is constitutionally mandated to serve only one term for reasons which should be apparent to anyone who has followed even slightly the politics of the region. The Latin American tendency is for their chief executives, once in office, to alter the governing style to a Marxist dictatorship through gradual usurpation and control afforded by continuous “fake” elections. Since the constitution of Honduras specifically prevents this, any attempt at circumvention is seen as an illegal activity. If general elections this fall did not occur; then, and only then, would the word “coup” be appropriate. For confirmation of this condition refer to Castro, Chavez, et al..

To appease his despotically inclined masters, our president has lined up in support of the one who is in violation of local legal canon. Whether by projection, lack of knowledge of Honduran law, or sheer animas for the Honduran people he has laid protest to their entirely legal recourses. Today’s news reveals he claims the allegiance of about fifteen others in our congress to support him. Those persons remain un-named for good reason. To identify them would serve only to increase the mounting town hall protests for meddling in the business of other sovereign nations. Even though this is just a “side bar” in the daily news, it is strongly indicative of the position the president has taken on the rights of otherwise free peoples.

The Honduran government and the people of that country deserve better at the hands of the United States. There is absolutely no justification for our executive and his cronies to intrude into the internal affairs of this beautiful country. The Honduran’s understanding of liberty is exceptional among their neighbors and should be encouraged. The illegals, who flee to the United States, are from the countries with shaky oppressive regimes who seek freedom from the oppression which our president has espoused. This is just one more outrage to add to the mounting, steaming pile.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Patricia Ragan said...

WHAT!!! Obama does not respect the constitution of another country??? What a surprise!!! NOT!! He has no respect for our own constitution!! He hates our constitution and our country. He's leading us to become a new country: Obamanation.


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