Thursday, July 30, 2009


The principal difficulty of absorbing the proposed health care initiatives floating around congress is two-fold. The first, and most obvious, is the cloud of lies surrounding the offerings.

You can keep your own doctor. No! You cannot keep your own doctor.

We will save a ton of money. No! What government agency or function ever operated at a savings? Are you old enough to remember the 3¢ stamp and twice a day mail delivery? How about the time it takes to process a license renewal at the DMV? Would you be interested in a $500 hammer?

We will not kill your grandma. No! Every five years or so of her dotage we will have a “sit-down” and discuss the gain in quality of life/death and make a choice between the red and the blue pill. Gramps, keep those running legs in shape so you can avoid the inevitable.

Duplicity, misdirection, and pure, unadulterated distribution of bovine feces have become an art form for this administration. An old-timer I once knew alleged that a certain neighbor would “lie when the truth would do better.” Unfortunately, this condition is not the exclusive property of the party in power but rather epidemic in our nation’s capital and capitol.. Although the Democrat branch is currently in the lead in the lying game, others in the minority can claim some success as well.

Unlike our ancestors, we fortunately have YouTube, citizen reporters, cop car dash cams and a surge in recording devices to verify or deny what has or has not been said. In this case, I guess we can only rely upon nine Commandments; more or less. The downside is the reluctance of the population to take advantage of the modern facilities available to actually check on the veracity of some of this clap-trap. It takes some degree of effort to keep up but it is possible.

The second problem we face with the upcoming legislation is the unwillingness of the congress critters to actually read what is contained in the proposals. They are paid a princely sum to do just that and they continue to balk at the prospect. I have made many trips to the Grand Canyon but have never been tempted to enjoy the grandeur wearing a blind fold. This is precisely what the representatives are doing. The only difference is that they are doing it with our lives at stake—not theirs. There is no provision announced that they would be subject to the same health care as those who elect them.

The most recent polling numbers indicate a 7% approval rate for our congress. Does this mean that 93% of their number in the house will not be returned to commit additional crimes in the next session? I doubt it! Partisan politics will assure the re-election of most of these people and we can start all over again in the next session.

In the “Sturm und Drang” of political struggles for control of the population there is a tiresome repetition at each election of what seems more like “football” favoritism than good sense. If one lives in Chicago or Saint Louis either the Bears or the Rams are obviously the best possible teams in the NFL. They are forgiven every miscue because of local loyalty and blind devotion.. We wear their colors, plaster their stickers on our vehicles, argue their skills with our brother-in-law and generally make fools of ourselves simply for the privilege of identity—not actual accomplishment. People in Cleveland can easily relate.

This not a game! Turning the control of 16% of the budget and more important, our lives, over to the well established incompetence of government is absolute insanity. The fact that the issue was even brought up is evidence of mental imbalance. If you are willing to trade your future well being for pure partisan politics then you will be right at home with the upcoming new health initiatives.

It is an absolute necessity that you make your wishes known. Our country is at a crossroads and you must be informed, aware and active. Have you contacted your representatives? Have you discussed your feelings on the issues with anyone? Have you attended a rally? Have you written to the editor of your local rag? In a word have you become involved? It is not necessary for you to be a helpless victim. At the least put up some kind of a fight.

The people who wish to change everything about America which makes it the greatest country in the world are tireless in their efforts. Your active response is absolutely essential if they are to be thwarted. Redundancy should be your guide in putting forth your opinions since your life depends on it.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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