Friday, June 12, 2009

Fifty Righteous Men?

So the final card has been played in the unending game of idiocy on the subject of gay marriage. Ms. Prejean has relinquished her valued “crown” in the Miss California pageant. Actually, it was seized from her on a trumped up (pun intended) charge of failure to appear at scheduled events. Her position on the gay marriage issue had nothing to do with it—yeah, right!

My sympathies go out to the management of the pageant. However, by allowing the emotionally charged and controversial question of the judge to a contestant, they sanctioned the entire matter. Whoever gave the job of judging a beauty contest to a flaming homosexual should be the one who should be canned. Their failure to recognize the inflammatory nature of his possible questioning was grossly in error. One official resigned and no doubt should have been followed by others in a supervisory capacity.

As far as gay marriage is concerned, the people of California have spoken by rejecting it via Prop 8. The President of the United States (no doubt influenced by his Muslim roots) has rejected it. Blacks have almost universally rejected it. Evangelical Christians have certainly been onboard in rejecting it. About the only ones who don’t are those who embrace homosexuality either in spirit or in practice and a few denominations of the World Council of Churches who have, in my view, a fuzzy view of biblical interpretation.

Personally, I don’t care if two guys decide to bunk together and spend the next decade arguing about whether the new drapes should be puce or mauve. In a sexual culture which is not renowned for monogamous relationships, I see faithful unions as a fiction which will be difficult to maintain anyway. About the only time I can get excited about it is when the subject of adoption of children comes up. Since it is scientifically established that the behavior is not genetic, the example set by parenting should not be foisted upon innocent children.

So, in the final analysis, does it any of it matter? No, not really, because it only serves as one more opportunity to fill the news cycle with meaningless drivel to avoid facing the issues which do have critical importance. We have seen the “swine flu” epidemic rise and fall in media importance in direct equivalence to occluding various functions of the onrushing federal takeover of government. Letterman’s tasteless “humor” occupies the headlines as the much more important government takeover of the auto, financial, and healthcare industries continue apace.

Our current administration, with the complete compliance of the major media, is using the shallowness of America’s taste to obfuscate their nefarious seizure of the government in total opposition to the intent of our founding fathers. Heinrich Himmler would be proud! This administration is in the process of bloodlessly accomplishing what the massive military might of the USSR, Germany, Italy, and Japan could not.

My final thought is one which should not be confused with a throw away line to appease my readers of faith: God help us all! This is of such magnitude that only He can render a remedy. Lot challenged God in Gen. 18:24 to allow the survival of Sodom (“because their sin is exceedingly grievous” v. 20) if He could find fifty righteous men. In subsequent verses the number was reduced to ten. When that failed, God mercifully allowed Lot and his family to escape and you probably know the rest of the story. Can we as a nation, locate fifty righteous men? Again: God help us all!

In His abiding Love,

Cecil Moon

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