Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 90

It rained all the way to Miami this morning. Well, not exactly; it let up just as I drove into the church yard so I could go in for the sacrament service dry and unhurried. Wayne Kirk, the pastor, delivered the message and included some much needed emphasis on fear. Our current national situation seems to supply an abundance of that commodity on a constant basis. Happily the latest threat to incite our fears, the swine flu, seems to be abating and reduced to just another distraction while the magician-in-chief pulls another legislative/policy disaster out of his brim full hat.

His remarks (Brother Kirk’s) were timely and ever appropriate. Over dinner I reminded him that in Matthew 28, in that most important story, when the angel of Lord descended from Heaven, the first words the angel spoke to the Mary’s were: “Fear not ye….” Once it was revealed that Christ had risen and shared that magnificent promise for each of us; what is there to fear?

Napolitano Updated

Janet Napolitano is the gift that keeps on giving. She has recently made the news with an announcement (discovery?) that she is on the list of possible replacements for soon to be retiring Justice David Souter.

In an all-out effort to destroy what little constitutionally inspired integrity remains in the fabric of our republic, her proposal as the new member of the Supreme Court brings outrage to an all-time high. Apparently, the goal of our administration is not creeping socialism but rather the immediate and total destruction of all three branches of government. Her ham fisted exercise of the department she now heads (DHS) is damaging enough but would pale to insignificance if she were to be elevated to a lifetime appointment to America’s highest court.

Some have expressed concern that the Court does not reflect the demographics of the nation. After all, one woman member is not the equivalent of the 50+% presence of women in the population. Clarence Thomas supplies a rough balance to offset the black population. Hispanics complain that their variable number (with or without illegals) is under-represented on the court. Asians are totally ignored as well as one-legged homosexual midgets.

These complaints completely ignore little details such as Constitutional understanding, legal experience, and most important—wisdom! Inasmuch as we are moving ever closer to a reign of judicial oligarchy, with most important decisions being made by the ukase of courts rather than legislative action, exceptional care should be exercised in these appointments. Even the suggestion of her presence on the court is offensive.

Fat Man and Little Boy

Sixty-four years ago this August, one of America’s truly great presidents, Harry S. Truman, agonized long and hard with a decision which no man should ever have to make. It was his choice to avoid escalating already horrendous casualties by taking demonstrable action to convince the Japanese of the futility of continuing World War II. That action was to drop atomic devices on two separate cities on the Japanese mainland.

Since that decision, which brought the war to an end, the arm chair quarterbacks who infest the media and those who seek “peace” at any price have put their two cents in to explain why it was such a bad choice. One of the most recent has been the “comedian,” Jon Stewart. Due to the horrendous loss of life he suggested that Truman was really nothing more than a war criminal. Don’t be shocked; he is just another in a long line of people who have little knowledge of our history and harbor thoughts to discredit anything positive in our past.

A man, Bill Whittle, who has far more talent than I could ever dream of, has cogently assembled a rebuttal to explain to this dunce some pertinent facts about the closing months of the war. If you are rusty on the facts you would be well advised to listen to Bill in this tape which he directed at Stewart but shared with all of us. The liberal mind does not have a very good tolerance for facts and will probably never understand anything which continues their perception of “how it ought to be.” This is an expert at work so I encourage you the click the link and enjoy a man of exceptional talent bring this timely rebuttal.

A Remarkable Quote

A came across this, and is often the case, didn’t note the source for citation. Since it is long in public domain I shall just have to throw out a general apology and quote it anyway.

He is speaking to the British citizenry:

“I have no doubt but that the nation at large sees the conduct in America in its true light and I am certain that any other conduct but compelling obedience would be ruinous and … therefore no consideration could bring me to swerve from the present path which I think myself duty bound to follow.”

King George III as quoted in 1776

King George finally realized that American conduct was designed such that the “true light” was to be liberty. I can only conclude that he was merely the first to not fully realize it.

And finally

I must confess that I love to mow grass. When one steps back to survey four acres of lawn with spotty trees and a border of dense forest all nicely trimmed and evenly cut it is all worth the effort. That job being: picking up mounds of rocks several feet high in three separate locations, spending tedious hours repairing the mower because of the ones I missed, burning stumps for the occasional victim of the wind and ice, and endless string trimming to keep it all nice and crisp. I failed to mention the leveling, seeding, fertilizing, and on rare occasions even watering. Once the project is complete, and it never is, it is all worth it. Jan has planted endless day lilies (her favorite) plus roses and dozens of other varieties whose names escape me to set the necessary color contrast.

On the way home, I stopped at the Missouri U. agricultural test station plot of grapes. I had checked with them for advice before I planted. I need to go back when someone’s there because theirs look a lot different than mine. Mine are bushy, growing like weeds, and stretching for the roof. Theirs are a different variety and for some reason don’t have the healthy look that mine do. I am certain there is an explanation because I’m not all that gifted in the agronomy department.

It is God’s world after all and He has allowed me to care for my part of it. I’m grateful for the job.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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