Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cleaning up the Reference File

About three days ago, someone who doesn’t know me as well as he thinks, remarked: “Boy Cec, you are really well organized.” I have finally stopped laughing. This individual has never seen my desk, my garage (shop?), my closet, or my life.

In a rare offering to the gods of organization, I do keep a file entitled “ZB ideas” in my “favorites” file on the computer. It is a collection of miscellany which gradually piles up like dirty laundry in the utility room. When it reaches critical mass I bring it all together in a mish-mash and post it. Largely, it’s stuff I found interesting but not to the extent it deserved the full attention of an individual post. For example:


One of the joys (pains) of driving for Greyhound on line service was the opportunity to keep up on the cities of America and Canada both large and small. On the extra board, one never knew where the next assignment would wind up. In the Central Division, a frequent turn-around was Cleveland. It joined Detroit, Minneapolis, St Louis, Indianapolis, and Omaha as legal (log books you know) miles from Chicago.

The main terminal in each was located in the city center. They all had a garage and a dormitory for drivers a few blocks removed on the edge of the metro center. For an overnight, the driver trudged the few blocks and had the opportunity to see the city at street level. Some were better than others—and safer.

Here is a cute little slap-dash video which extols the virtues of Cleveland. It’s short and you will enjoy this intimate glance at another in a list of Great Lakes cities.

Dancing to the Socialists

This one has been in the file for a few days and will delight you.

Who knows, you might actually get some good work-out tips from this offering. Nancy Pelosi is reasonably trim for a woman her age and in this rare case offers a good example.

For Gun Control

Here is a man with a genuine vested interest in gun control. From his perspective, his arguments are quite persuasive. Since Zion Beckons readers are always eager to understand a variety of positions on major issues I submit this video in the interest of fairness.

Now, don’t you feel better knowing that you have helped me clean up an otherwise cluttered file? I can now face my friend without giggling behind my sleeve over his accusation of my superior organizational skills.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty more junk where that came from.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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