Saturday, March 28, 2009

“Show-Me” Show Down

Missouri is an interesting state in its demographic make-up. There are two very large urban concentrations on either side of the state separated by vast, but well populated, rural areas in the balance. The seat of government (Jefferson City) is located roughly in the center of the state. The cities are home to the usual liberal promoters who gravitate to the large masses of people and the spread out remainder is generally home to those of a more conservative bent.

Our topography, often rough and rocky, is interspersed in some regions with highly fertile land which provides our overall agricultural output with considerable strength. These factors have worked in concert historically to generate a citizenry with a character similar to the state’s icon, the Missouri mule--stubborn. In general, a large portion of the state’s electorate have earned the label of “show-me” by demanding hard evidence of state-wide proposals before acceptance.

Missouri’s constitution provides for some relief from single party dominance in its provision that the governor and his lieutenant need not necessarily be from the same party and may be elected separately. This wise provision, provided by those who are now long absent, furnishes a possible bar to oppressive actions from the governor’s office.

With that background, you may appreciate a recent issue which has raised the hackles on many Missourians regarding a warning issued by our Department of Public Safety. They issued an alert concerning the possibility of militia activity by those persons who can be identified as supporters of third-party actors. Mentioned by name were Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin. The allegations asserted that “domestic militias often subscribed to radical ideologies rooted in Christian views and opposition to immigration, abortion or federal taxes.” It further pointed out that the militia members were unabashed supporters of the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The highway patrol was advised that these individuals could be identified by bumper stickers and should be given an extra measure of surveillance.

Fortunately, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder mounted a protest to this unwarranted activity, (see this article from the Kansas City Star) and the Missouri Information Analysis Center was forced to back away from this ill-advised action. Governor Nixon has apparently distanced himself from any further involvement.

Once again the “show-me” character of the people of Missouri has prevailed but not before the need for constant vigilance has been shown. It is demonstrative of the “trickle-down” of attitudes clearly offered by the new administration in Washington which threaten the liberties of every American. Protection of our freedoms requires an ongoing awareness by every citizen regardless of station.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon
Lawrence County, MO

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