Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Odds and Ends

Every once in a while, clarity comes crashing in whether invited or not. To explain this one, let us return to the campaign trail. Do you remember the mainstream media attempting to cover up for Obama when he offered the news that he would be “visiting his fifty-seventh state?” The late night comedians made jokes and thinking people just rolled their eyes in embarrassment. Did anybody ever ask where he came up with that particular number?

I inadvertently stumbled upon it today. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) may well be the source of that specific number. It is an outfit which promotes its programs on every continent except North America and the Polar regions. Curiously, their membership includes exactly fifty-seven nations. The Wikipedia link is shown above if you need to be updated on who and what they are.

I believe it was George Stephanopoulos who did the interview where Obama professed to be a Muslim and was corrected by Mr. S., his allegiance becomes increasingly clear. As has been pointed out before, in his “pedigree,” he is closer to Arab (42.75%) than black African (6.25%.) This may explain why he remains content to allow his brother to live in a box in an African slum with an income of $1 per day.

For the hopey-changey Kool-Aid drinkers, these details represent needless carping over meaningless isolated facts drawn together to promote a conspiracy. For those who see the recent actions of our government as precipitating the downfall of the republic, they are more difficult pieces of the puzzle. Some of us see him as a figurehead rather than the brains of that effort.

For further evidence, we would point out the teleprompter problems. If you haven’t noticed that ever present device I recommend the following offering on You Tube. Click on the link which presents an assembly of clips featuring that ubiquitous equipment. Trust me, if he didn’t have it he would be absolutely speechless.. Extemporaneous is not his forte.

As one who has done considerable public speaking and enjoyed many others who are far better and more talented, I have found that the single most important necessity for good delivery is a thorough knowledge of the topic. My personal opinion is that if you require more than a few notes for difficult-to-remember numbers or complicated formations of thought, you are probably either uninformed or ignorant. Just about any damned (and I use the word in its most appropriate sense) fool can read a speech. Over the years I have found that any difficulty I have had with delivery has been a result of straying into an area where I lack expertise and should keep my mouth shut.

Prior to my baptism in the late sixties, I was constantly amazed by the abilities of the men who took the pulpit from neighboring congregations with little formal education or training, who spoke with eloquence and fervor about the Lord and His works. Frequently at a subsequent more social occasion—a church dinner—I found them pleasant but not particularly scholarly. In the pulpit they knew their subject and their outward appearance belied their inner knowledge of their Christ. Their obvious and absolute dedication to their faith served as an inspiration to me and my family to further seek the Lord.

In summation, these are just more pieces of the puzzle. It is my prayer that enough of the public sees what is happening in Washington to take corrective action before the republic is ruined.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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