Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whose Ox is Being Gored?

The outrage on the left over this cartoon was entirely predictable. As a matter of projection, the socialist element identified the dead chimp with the POTUS. Everyone from Sharpton on up (you need always start at the bottom) claimed an insult as a result. Lost in the issue is the fact (!) that the former chief executive was constantly portrayed in as an unflattering and defaming manner as a chimp.

My most recent search of Google of the entry “Bush chimp” resulted in 119,000 hits. “Kill Bush” brought forth an astonishing 5,200,000 examples of cartoons, t-shirts, posters, commentaries, Photo Shops, placards, montages, buttons, ball caps, and coffee cups for the sufferers from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). In the interest of fairness I would also point out that Google produced an amazing 2,130,000 hits on “Obama chimp.” It looks like Obama won that contest hands down—twenty to one. My only remaining thought is: “Okay class, clean up your desk and we can all go out for recess!”

Just when I think we have finally found the lowest common denominator of political discourse it is revealed that there is yet one more rung down the ladder. At least the liberal lunatic fringe was astute enough to make the connection. By so doing, they acknowledge the complicity of the president in the “porkulus” package and thereby absolve the congress of total responsibility. Keep in mind that nothing becomes law until the president signs it.

One of the most interesting aspects is the role of Senator (at least temporarily) Burris in the whole affair. At first Hapless Harry wanted to shun this Blagojevich appointee but apparently was advised by saner aides to realize the reality of how one counts to sixty. All of a sudden he was welcomed with open arms. “Come join this band of happy warriors so that we may collectively bankrupt the country,” was their invitation. Once the rape of the treasury was complete, the gentleman from Illinois learned the true meaning of persona non grata. Golly, it is true! Some animals do indeed eat their young. Eager to help his colleagues, he provided additional information to the federal prosecutor which pretty much nailed his own political suicide.

One last observation before departure; Harry Reid, (D-NV) the “sage of Searchlight” is fooling no one with his denial of complicity in the, now funded, Maglev project from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. As a former resident and an interested observer of that issue since leaving, I can assure you that it has been on the front burner for at least the last ten years and probably before. I do believe that Harry sees that project as his “legacy.” If we had $1 for every word written, spoken, or implied over that period, the high speed rail corridor could have been funded at least twice. Conspicuously absent is his opposition to the Yucca Mountain project to store nuclear waste northwest of Las Vegas at the test site. Of course, that would enhance the advancement of nuclear projects nationwide and further nearly everybody’s new found goal of energy independence. As I mentioned above, “It’s time for recess, class!”

As the merry-go-round continues to spin in Washington we can easily see why so many rely upon zoo analogies to support their positions. It’s just a natural. As usual, I urge you to continue to pray that God will direct these people. At this juncture, He is our only hope—as always.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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