Saturday, February 21, 2009

Right and Wrong

Where does this sense come from? Some of us would like to believe that the “good people” take the scriptures as their guide, couple it with the examples shown by principal religious figures of history, add the teaching from the pulpit, and obtain the tenets which direct their daily lives. Others turn to common sense, science, philosophy, and reason for their guide. In an effort to quantify the attitudes of the “faithful”, the “Pew Landscape Survey” questioned members of a variety of faiths for the source of their behavior. They asked: “When it comes to questions of right and wrong, which of the following do you look to for guidance?”

Since reproducing the table which supports this article exceeds our technological skills, we are giving you the link. Personally, I see these results as an absolute failure on the part of Christians to share the Gospel. Apparently this secret is so well kept; we have managed to hide it from the membership. Why in the world do we bother to attend church if we do not recognize its significance in the direction of our daily affairs with all men? Yes, the annual spaghetti supper is a wonderful experience and it’s a great place to network but that should not be our only motivation. The Bible teaches far more than obedience to God. There are profound lessons there to honorably conduct our lives beside other men. Obviously, many of us look to other sources for our guide.

I recall an occasion when I challenged what I considered blasphemy from the pulpit and I confronted three elders from the church on the matter. The reaction to my contemplating a move to a different, more orthodox congregation was met with the observation that I should consider the loss of the social aspects of my membership. I do not deny that I held resentment that I should lose the frequent contact with the other faithful members over an issue which the leadership could easily resolve through study and prayer. I was sorely disappointed that they felt the fraternal relationship with the members was the reason I was there. I came for the fruit and was offered the rind.

I fear that without the necessary focus on our spiritual lives as a guiding force we shall end up the losers in the long run. A run which I believe will take us far beyond the grave.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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