Friday, November 21, 2008

Victory in Iraq Day

Today is the day we have all prayed for. We can only conclude that the United States military in concert with the armed forces of Iraq may now declare victory. Since there was never an actual declaration of war, there can be no armistice. Since there was an essential agreement on the part of Iraq early on, there was no formal surrender. Therefore, since no one else will step up to make the declaration; Zion Beckons and hundreds of other bloggers have set aside Friday, November 22, 2008 as the official “Victory in Iraq” Day.

The sitting government of the United States will make no such claim. The incoming new administration is highly unlikely to embrace anything which smacks of “victory.” Obviously the press will make no assertion of success for the United States in Iraq since they have seen it as an illegitimate exercise from the onset. Therefore, as a veteran who has the capacity to recognize victory when it is apparent; and as a citizen of the United States, I join with those hundreds of web loggers who have followed the struggle, wept for the fallen, praised the troops, and rejoiced in the cessation of hostilities.

The claim of “victory” is predicated on several factors. The Iraqi government has made bold strides to accept the conditions of the turnover to their military arm. The head of their government, Saddam Hussein, has long since been captured and executed by proper Iraqi authority. The restoration of infrastructure, commerce, public services and a normal life style has been nearly completely restored in Iraq.. Most important, the deaths of U.S. servicemen in theater have diminished to a point consistent with the normal attrition for a body of men that size. The casualty rate (killed) has dropped to less than half that of Chicago, Illinois since the first of the year. It is a proud day for the military forces, each man and woman, of the United States.

We congratulate the citizens and the government of Iraq on their new found freedom and their willingness to assume the responsibility for their own governance and security. We ask that they accept our prayers on their behalf for their continued success.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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