Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Did It Happen?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have engaged in much concentrated thought on what I might personally have done to enhance the chances of continuing support for our style of government. I take the loss of the White House to an acknowledged Marxist as a low point in our electoral history. I fully realize that my personal circumstances allow me much more time to devote to critical issues and to read and study. Others have jobs to tend to, children to raise, health problems, studies, crops to reap, football games to watch, fish to catch, or, in other words, they have a life.

Some attention is finally being paid to the role of the media in this debacle. It does not take a keen observer to note the influence which they have had on the outcome. Several major outlets have made minor mea culpa for their role in intentionally slanting their coverage. The New York Times has run a series as has the ABC news section. Others to a greater or lesser degree have made some admissions but I sense more of an arrogant subliminal assertion of “we gotcha again,” than genuine remorse for the unprincipled stand. In whatever form it has taken it does indeed affirm the contention of their unfairness.

One of the principal factors in the forming of opinions and interest on the part of the voters has been the role of education of our young. We have entrusted their learning to the government and are now reaping the harvest of what I consider to be an intentional effort to inhibit their ability to learn. Worse yet, I sense that the natural desire to become educated is disappearing as well. By substituting self-worth exercises for actual accumulation of useful information, we have betrayed our youth. We have prepared them to become little more than sheep.

While most efforts to control instances of physical child abuse have a laudable side, we find that the agencies charged with enforcing the rules often interfere with normal parenting. If you disbelieve this, I would suggest you observe the reaction to the rare parent who has the courage to discipline a child in public. A rambunctious kid in a shopping center or grocery store who gets a firm pat on the butt is treated like the victim of a hate crime. Even worse, he gets the full Ritalin program to curb his aggressive behavior. To allow children to rule in every circumstance is child abuse of the worst grade.

This “brain washing” of the young to accept without question whatever is proffered by those in control had a serious affect. Control in this case is defined by media, educators, and other authority figures. For a good look at the “little darlings” after they attain the opportunity to vote, please watch this video. Every person you view here has already voted and is being interviewed to check their understanding of politics, their impressions of candidates, with an eye to help you understand their reasoning (?) for their decisions.

The most serious flaw is, given the information they have, they are more likely to duplicate the thinking they would give to voting for American Idol contestants then for the serious task of choosing the leader of the free world. Their responses would be humorous under different circumstances. They reflect an input of either false information or “no” information. In routine response, they cannot even identify the party in control of the congress. Since the congress has been in near constant disarray recently I can understand their confusion. In short, their preparedness for selecting someone for what is considered one the world’s top jobs is pathetic.

I would truly like to believe that this is the exclusive property of the Democrat party and Obama supporters. I hold no such illusions. The people who put the video together obviously picked the low hanging fruit and kept the interviews to those who had voted for Obama. I do realize that the McCain/Palin side had its share of low IQ mouth breathers as well. It is intolerable for either party. This task is far too important to trust to children.

You will find the video instructive in many ways. If you are a thinking person, you will also find it terrifying. God help us all.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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