Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Wonderful Friday

I should know by now that when Jan starts a sentence with the words, “You know we have a wonderful opportunity to…..” that I am as committed to something I know nothing about as I am to the vows of marriage. It sounded like a good idea at the time and I readily agreed to go to Springfield, MO and attend an appearance at a rally which featured Sarah Palin as the lead speaker.

To gain the best opportunity to see Mrs. Palin, we left the house at a little after 7:00am to arrive in Springfield at about 8:30am. The event was re-scheduled from a local college venue to the parking lot at Bass Pro Shops which had far better parking and tons of space. We parked and joined a line which was about 250 yards long and snaked from the entrance, down the building, and around in back. T-shirts, caps, buttons and signs were abundant with identical messages—vote for McCain/Palin. As we stood there, more information came my way.

I found that the gates didn’t open until 9 and that we would be frisked for dangerous items and contraband with TSA personal who would normally be at the airport messing up travel plans for travelers. This necessitated either a trip back to the car with my Cherokee pocket knife, nail clippers, Leatherman Tool, green mender, and a timer (I don’t know either, you’ll have to ask Jan) or else toss them into a disposal bucket at the check point. When I returned, we continued to stand in the line and shuffled forward at glacial speed.

The day was raw when we left the house and then the wind picked up with the temperature hovering around 40º. As we stood with the like minded fans of Palin we made the not-surprising discovery that they were some of the very nicest people who had ever been randomly thrown together without any prior acquaintance. They conversed without any degree of coarseness which often typifies political discussion. Their consideration of others was exemplary. In total disregard of the discomfort caused by the weather and the boring wait, they maintained a cheerful outlook and good cheer in anticipation of actually seeing the candidate. The bond of our common goal promoted a sense of camaraderie which is rarely witnessed outside a house of worship. It was a profound display of fellowship.

With the consent of those around us, I had encouraged Jan to return to the shelter of the car at about 9:30. We continued to visit and gradually move about thirty yards over the next hour. I then went to check on her and found all to be well and my bride asleep. Once satisfied, I returned to the line and found it had moved at three or four times the rate it had previously. About fifty yards from the check point, I called Jan on the cell phone and told her to get over quickly. It was a good call because she barely rejoined the party as we moved into the security area. Apparently they had secured additional personnel and we found them frantically checking and admitting the crowd from the line which, behind us, had grown to 5 times its original content. We entered the area before the stage at about 11:00 am..

We were then entertained by a marvelous quartet with an instrumental background and remarks from various state office seekers. After the aspiring gubernatorial candidate, attorney general, more music and Naomi Judd, we heard Roy Blunt, who is I believe the minority whip of the House. Shortly after noon, the great moment arrived.

Sarah Palin took the stage to roars of adoration from the assembly and immediately started launching “high, hard, fast balls” to the delight of the crowd. She dealt with issue after issue in a capable and reassuring manner and delighted all with her usual common speech with no taint of superiority or arrogance. I’ll leave the actual text to you. It has no doubt been printed by now and most of it will come as no news to you. She exuded confidence, demonstrated familiarity with the issues, and offered plainly stated solutions to the problems facing America today. The multitude wanted assurances for their opinion of her and she delivered.

After a fast paced forty-five minutes she came down from the stage and worked the rope line to be as close to the people as she could. I have rarely witnessed such a sustained positive reaction between a politician and the voters. Her performance was electrifying and her audience was entranced. They loved her!

She is beautiful! In ugly weather, on a wind-swept stage, with a noisy crowd she managed to maintain an appearance of one who has just left a makeup trailer. Unlike other celebrities, she appears completely unaware of her appearance and continually speaks directly to each individual as though in a personal conversation. She frequently dropped family quotes and complimented the facility (Bass Pro Shops) which was superb.

I have a tendency to treat all politicos with a measure of disdain—not Sarah Palin. She proved to be a “uniter” as well as an accomplished candidate. If she comes to your town, don’t miss her. She proved to be well worth the agony of the entrance procedure. I am convinced she enabled every person in attendance to leave with a renewed sense of purpose and energy to stay the course and contribute their efforts to elect the slate.

We left about 1:30, stopped at a favorite “steak and eggs” joint and finally got home about 4pm. It has been a long campaign but Jan and I both felt rejuvenated in our meager efforts to preserve that which we feel is best for the union.

In closing, I must say on this Friday evening, I am exceptionally proud of my neighbors. They possess all the characteristics which we have come to love in the Ozarks. They were kind, courteous, caring, sharing, and demonstrated all of those traits which have made America the greatest country in the world. They had patience with authority, respect for speakers and the protesters (Code Pink) alike, and obviously not ashamed to admit that they “cling to their guns and their Bibles." I do really love these people.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Lyndon said...

Sounds like a great experience; I wish I had been there. A minister, back east, has a testimony the Lord gave him, that she is His modern day Esther.