Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to the “Intertubes”

Nothing like a slow Friday—thank God—to welcome a fellow blogger. In this case she also happens to be my bride of twenty four years and after publishing two books, well qualified as a writer. Her first two posts are up on More Than Conquerors and ready for your perusal. Check her out and voice your opinion. She’s a big girl and can take it.

I am extremely happy she has decided to resume writing. Every gift we have from our Creator needs a certain amount of exercise.

It’s probably just as well she didn’t see this article in the Nashville Tennessean since she developed the premise very thoroughly. It speaks to the issue she addresses in her most recent post.

We actually do find some areas of agreement despite, like many other couples, marriage is another way to describe warfare. This link speaks to the issue of manmade and man-inspired “doctrine.” Most of these dos and don’ts are dependent upon a snippet of scripture and a lot of personal prejudice. I have long maintained that if you set your mind to it and choose to develop some personal premise, there is plenty of isolated scripture to use to build your case.

There is the tease; now click on the links and enjoy,

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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