Saturday, May 17, 2008

Remember When?

I came across a piece on the net which captured by feelings about a lot of contemporary problems. My first thought was to post a link to it. My second was to copy and paste it as a whole. While it is full of good stuff, it also has a coarse side; so without apology, I shall paraphrase it. If you choose to accuse me of plagiarism, to a degree you will be correct.

The allegation was that we live in the most exciting of times. We are surrounded with scientific, electronic, architectural, and social developments which are the envy of the world. In the midst of this plenty are the naysayers and prophets of doom and gloom who tell us the end is near and catastrophe lurks just around the corner.

I happen to disagree. I don’t care for the direction the world is headed or this country either. I don’t care for the music, the movies, the politics, the government, the religious strife, the public schools and on, and on, and on.

In fact, I liked America better when the typical American was a little cocky but still able to back it up:

When women had some meat on their bones and danced jitterbugs and boogie woogie.

When “made in America” had meaning all over the world.

When girls dressed like girls and boys didn’t wear earrings and ponytails.

When you could understand the words to the songs on the radio.

When basketball had lay-ups and skill instead of slam dunks and tattoos.

When desecrating the flag could endanger some really sensitive parts of the anatomy.

When even the raciest movies left something to the imagination.

When common sense and good citizenship were more important than lawsuits and restraining orders.

When baseball was the national sport and was fun to listen to.

When cars were made of metal and a stop light rear-ender didn’t mean total loss.

When the private lives of presidents and senators were off limits to tabloids.

When schools stressed fundamentals before sensitivity training and multiculturism.

When sometimes you didn’t get to play because you weren’t good enough.

When steroids were something doctors considered for unresponsive patients.

When lawyers considered truth and ethics as important as winning every case.

When popular music didn’t actually damage your hearing.

When families ate at least 2 meals together almost every day.

When Dad could take two small kids to a ball game without taking out a second mortgage.

When all you needed to set your car’s timing was a good ear and a crescent wrench.

When laws and social rules applied to athletes and entertainers as well as John Q.

When people knew where “We the People” and “When in the course of human events” are written.

When Grandma and Grandpa could die with dignity in their own beds with their family close by.

When treason and sedition were punished severely.

When people didn’t overextend their debt limits on junk they didn’t really need.

When no professional athlete’s contract was worth more than the GNP of Portugal.

When nobody was upset if folks said a prayer at commencement or a public hearing.

When only one language, English, was used in business, schools, and government.

If you remember “when” then you are not alone. Many of us recognize the “change” and resent it. Many of are just plain sick and tired of listening to politicians who don’t understand why we don’t see things the “way we’re supposed to.” I’m sick of the primaries, class envy, party line votes which ignore the wishes of the people, and pushing “1” for English. I’m tired of “choice”, diversity, political correctness and accusations of racism at every remark.

I “cling” to my guns because I enjoy them and it irritates my liberal acquaintances. I “cling” to my Bible and my faith because I realize that in the end it is the only thing which has any real value. I do these things because of Jesus Christ and the prospect of being with Him is sufficient, thank you. I also suspect that many of you share this feeling as well.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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