Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pure Egotism

My spouse regularly accuses me – rightfully – of egotism. As a response, I offered the observation that every blogger has a measure of that dread characteristic as though that would be an adequate excuse. She, as web tech, did not help my affliction by supplying a new device on Zion Beckons which only furthered the problem. We now have a statisticians dream in our new “stat counter.”

This device, in all its electronic wonder, provides information in typical exponential excess of any sane person’s need for facts and figures about the response to the site. It comes complete with maps, pie charts, graphs, and individual accounts of each and every click of the mouse by visitors to gain access to Zion Beckons. To demonstrate the ridiculous detail of the service, we are aware not only of your IP address, city, state, country and what led you to the site but also your individual screen resolution and what operating system you are using. Thankfully it omits details about the color of your eyes, your weight and the depth of your spiritual condition.

Since I brought it up I will share some facts I found particularly interesting. Although you readers are largely from the United States, you will also be found in Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong. I am pleased to observe that 37.7% of you spend more than five minutes reading with 32.7% of you spending in excess of an hour reading the site. Even more pleasing is that 53.7% of you come back for additional visits. Folks who study these things indicate that you represent an extremely hard core constituency. We are blessed to have you in support of our efforts.

In relation to popular blogs, with “stat” counters registering in the millions, we are indeed very small fish in a very large ocean. It was not our intention to ever be the Drudge Report or Instapundit. When you reach that point it requires huge servers and an immense cash outlay to support the readership. It seems unlikely we will ever be asked to participate in a White House bloggers panel.

We fully understand that without your participation, this blog is a fool’s errand. This is why I am so happy to have all this additional information about you. We strongly urge you to communicate with us for the eventual improvement of our offerings. Feedback either negative or positive is always appreciated. There is nothing to buy here and no requests have ever been made for financial support. Other than time and a few disagreeable internal conversations about editing there is little stress or strain to produce this blog. In the final analysis, Zion Beckons is yours to use and enjoy.

We invite comments and experienced users know we also invite guest commentary as posters. Even if you disagree, you are welcome to make your case. Be prepared for a rebuttal if the issue is contentious.

We thank you for your continued readership and pray for your further understanding.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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