Wednesday, April 9, 2008


About three decades ago I happened to be in a convention hall in Las Vegas where I was set up and selling Jewelry. My location was such that I was able to see the stage easily and watched a pair of talented illusionists perform the same act three times a day. One of the key features involved placing his confederate—an attractive lady who happened to be his wife—in a three section box and then separating the three boxes. They were then rejoined and she reappeared—intact.

He had asked if I would object to storing some of his equipment in my space and I agreed. We became good friends over the five day exposition. He frequently discounted my praise of their professionalism and offered to share the secrets which had provided me with so much entertainment. I declined. I did not wish to have my gullible acceptance of the illusion destroyed by knowledge of what actually took place during the act. I realized that familiarity of the procedure would rob me of further enjoyment.

I have been delighted watching magicians, slight-of-hand artists, and illusionists. The greater the fraud; the more I enjoy watching. Seeing elephants, two engine aircraft and the Statue of Liberty disappear rank right up there with life’s great moments. It is what it is—entertainment. I recognize it is not reality and that my attention has to be diverted for the successful completion of the illusion. I then become the willing partner to the fraud.

This all came to mind as I watch Barack (don’t use my middle name) Obama struggle to make Reverend Jeremiah Wright disappear. His attempt to construct a chimera out of a twenty year association refuses to go up in a puff of smoke. The topical comedians are having a field day with the whole affair. He has become fair game for all the big name late night hosts. You know you’re in trouble on the stage when the opening act funny men have enjoyed tremendous applause at your expense. His attempt to be one of the “guys” didn’t fare much better. A degree from Harvard isn’t much value in a bowling alley. Senator, my then six year old daughter did better on her first attempt at the lanes at Sam’s Town than your hapless 37 in 7 frames. 37??? The only successful illusion here is the concept that opening yourself to ridicule by the American public is a good election strategy.

Another great disappearing act came to mind when I thought about the elusive billing records from the Rose Law firm. The “magic” of a subpoena made then invisible. During the Whitewater investigation Senator Clinton managed this bit of legerdemain. The recovery phase came when they “miraculously” reappeared on a night stand. This act would be suitable for Caesar’s Palace or the MGM Grand. It’s almost as good as asserting that being the wife of a powerful man equates to having that experience oneself. By that standard, Bill should be prepared to carry and deliver their next child. Oh I forgot, they are both too old for that sort of thing.

Speaking of great disappearing acts, Senator McCain has managed to conveniently slip the McCain/Fiengold Act up his sleeve. This legislation which has allowed 527’s to corrupt the American political scene has gone the way of doves, roses, and bunnies up the arm and out of sight.

Because the enjoyment of a capable professional performance artist in no way affects the future of the republic; I can admittedly enjoy the show. Other than my individual pleasure, there is little at stake. For the others mentioned, however, it is of critical importance that we look past the glitter and deception to attempt to discern what the truths may be of their past records and behavior. Each has his own record of achievement and incidents best swept under the rug.

These are all human beings. They have and will continue to make mistakes. Since we all do that as well, we can easily understand. A mistake is quite different from intentional deception. Increasingly, we are subjected to deceit and fraud by those who would cloud the past, paint a rosy picture of the future, and seek our support for offices both great and small. Our only defense is individual research to seek the truth, constant questioning and most important, prayerful entreaties for guidance. Pastor, and president or party hack are all positions which require approval by vote. To neglect our responsibility in the selection process is to become that individual's willing accomplice.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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