Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whoa Nellie!!

Now that Zion Beckons is gaining more exposure on several other sites, we are being deluged with the latest revelations of plots and sub-plots among those who would lead. I will admit to nearly reaching a saturation point with hierarchy conspiracies, Latin American intrigue, questions of Christ’s divinity, trolls promoting irritating leftist drivel, and finally the Book of Mormon, true, false or in between? To all this I say, enough!

Are we so clouded by these issues that we have lost our sense of purpose and fail to see that which Christ has directed we do? I will gladly concede that much of our leadership has gone “power” crazy. Is that an excuse to join the argument de jour? We had an elder come down from the center place this morning who preached a much needed sermon on what he referred to as the three D’s, desire, discipline and dedication. It was an important reminder of what this should be all about. I am very grateful to Brother Immer for bringing this timely message. He did not at any time make reference to our inter-Nicene squabbles and it was refreshing. Jan pointed out that it was an oasis within the perfect storm of controversies which rage about us.

I agree that we have many important matters facing the church as a whole, but I choose not to ignore Christ to get my two cents in. In all these issues, I tend to separate and dismiss those who place more emphasis on their particular position than on the sacred mission of the church. I don’t recall from scripture or revelation that Christ came to us and said: “Okay, you guys get these messes resolved and then get back to work building the Kingdom.” Of course I have opinions and observations on the vast amount of information I receive but I pray earnestly for His guidance to sort it all out and see it’s relevance to establishing the Zionic condition we all (?) seek. Ain’t I great? No, I am attempting to follow the advice I get from the scriptures.

No, I do not suggest we “just get along,” because some of the issues are far too important to be ignored. We are, in our church government, sort of a democratic theocracy, and the opinions of the every member should have an airing. Our failing lies in securing non-negotiable positions which take on an aura of gospel, when in fact they represent the will of man and not of God. I will admit to a level of intolerance for those who do not seem to understand the physical death and the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lacking that, how can anyone assume His name? For that matter, why bother?

Normally, Jan and I do not post on Sunday. It is the Lord’s day and we are instructed to make it a day of rest. This has been on my mind since I woke up and especially since our worship at the church. So, I repeat; whoa Nellie! Let us refocus on the important issues: Christ, God’s laws, and the behavior which may result in our salvation.

In His love,

Cecil Moon

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Seeker said...

While I would love to be able to say, "Me, too!" I freely admit that I am as guilty as the next when it comes to being energized by the controversy around me. But I happen to think it's going to take a great deal of energy to defeat the enemy. No, I don't put aside worship and adoration of our Lord. Which is why I begin and end every day with prayer,thanking Him for all the blessings he has and continues to shower on me, asking Him for wisdom, for strength, for discernment, and for the continued guidance to pursue the best method of keeping the beloved brethren aware of what is going on right under their dear noses. But I am truly grateful for the energy and the added power surge that I know will be required of me each day as I continue to fight the good fight against the adversary, who is becoming more and more evident in every aspect of our lives.