Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hot Weather Activities

It's a temptation to jump right into the middle of the Center Place debate on the CoC lawsuit against the Raytown branch. But it probably wouldn't be very productive. When the thread gets deleted you all can always come over here and continue it. I know there's a lot of anger and I understand it. Righteous anger is good. Spinning-your-wheels anger is not. I've done enough wheel spinning in the past few months to last a lifetime. I've also seen enough indifference and inertia to lead me to wonder why I bother.

Cecil is busy hammering out a post addressing the rite of Baptism For the Dead. I'll steer clear of that. Meanwhile, watch how the lawsuit, the reconciliation committee and the CoC all play out. It's all been planned, orchestrated, cast, and choreographed.

Try to stay cool through all of this.



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