Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letter from a Friend

Our friend, Hartley Stanbridge, of Las Vegas, Nevada has been sending us emails about his take on various happenings in the church, in government, and in the world. He is a deeply spiritual man and I have a special place in my heart for him as he was present at my conversion. He also is the elder who performed the sacrament of baptism in Las Vegas. George Toomey and Ray Treat also loomed in the background, but that is another joyful matter for another day.

Shortly after the April CRE/JCRB conference we received a letter from Hartley requesting our perusal and correction—editing of his thoughts about what took place there. We have been working on it and have just about completed it, so I emailed him last night asking him if I could post it, after his final approval. He emailed back saying yes, and added this, which I have taken the liberty of posting here:

"In the last days there will be cries of 'Peace, Peace!' and there will be no peace—smoke trails across the skies, with tall columns of smoke rising high into the sky, with fervent heat beneath that will melt the elements right out of the rocks—the sun will become seven times hotter—great fires—the seasons will become confused—the seas will heave themselves beyond their bounds—earthquakes—thunder and lightning.

AND YET TO COME—cities will be abandoned—famine and pestilence—death and hell given power to kill a fourth part of the earth—a great earthquake—every mountain and island moved out of its place—a great war—Saints to be martyred—a third part of the earth and seas and men will be destroyed—men will be afflicted with great sores—exceedingly great hailstones shall fall weighing a talent (60#)—the merchants of the earth will become destitute—the economic system will collapse—two witnesses will be murdered, rise and ascend into heaven—and after all the words of the Book Of Revelation are fulfilled, God's Tabernacle will come to the earth—no unclean thing of man, of beast, of fowl, or fish of the sea shall remain alive on the earth; all that is left alive will be called Sanctified.

If these things do not inspire respect, fear, and repentance, to bow down before and angry God, what will the puny little words I offer do?

If just one person would look up and say 'Oh my!' and consider that this is not a challenge to debate, but the final determination and warning of a God that cannot lie. Every word is to be fulfilled as God caused it to be written, and sent forth for our understanding' guidance and protection.

The days of frivolous debate and self aggrandizement are truly over. Faith! Determination! We must resolve to become true Saints, to become anxiously engaged, to lie prostrate before God and confess our errors, omissions and sins with grieving hearts. Those who yearn for forgiveness will not be disappointed; God will not forsake those who turn to him, who wrest their hearts upright. They will be welcomed.

Gee, Cec and Jan, I feel sorry for you. Every time you say Hi, I bury you with all this, I will try and restrain the passions within me. Use this, too, if you see something good in it.

It is in me, but has been stifled all these years by the guys who say 'We have enough.' So BLESS you both . . . . Hartley"

Expect more from this wonderful man in the near future.


Julie Herman said...

I feel like we are missing the point - as usual. As individuals, we are here to prepare to meet God. As a church, we are here to build Zion and spread His gospel across the face of the earth. The past and what other people are doing just don't matter. Are WE living up to what God has called US to do? There are so many distractions in the church today. We could spend a lifetime chasing after each one and trying to fix it. OR we can spend our lifetime serving God - in the truest way.

D&C 140 5:c - The work of preparation and the perfection of my Saints go forward slowly, and Zionic conditions are no further away nor any closer than the spiritual condition of my people justifies.
Gen 9:21 - ...when men should keep all my commandments, Zion should again come on the earth, the city of Enoch which I have caught up unto myself.
We don't have Zion because we are not at the spiritual level to receive Zion.
We can't FIX the church, because most people don't want it fixed. They don't think it needs to be fixed. But if we get a handful of sanctified people - they can start Zion. And when others see what they have, they will come. Let us turn away from the evil in the church and actively seek God, that we might be usable to Him. Let each one of us be a catalyst for the true work - Zion. Sincerely - Julie

Patricia said...

We keep hearing about how we have to become one and then the Lord will respond to our obedience. I don't see this working.

Each person has to become one with Christ. When we are one with Christ, as in John 17, Jesus' love letter to us, we will be one with others who are also one in Christ. I don't see any other way. I don't see a construction project, big property purchases, or a "gathering of Zion hopefuls."

Those who are one in Christ will be able to recognize others who are one in Christ. Love of Christ, His Word/Law/Will, and each other will BE a type of Zion. WE won't attract anyone, that I can foresee. Too many times I've seen people attracted to a certain speaker or high-up priesthood member, instead of Christ. Before I knew Christ, these were the people I wished to avoid. I was more interested in church as social life.

When we are attracted to Christ, and Him only, we will be the pure in heart.

This is my opinion, and God can correct me, if I am wrong.

Pat Ragan