Saturday, July 14, 2007

Information You May Need

I'm including the link to the site for the reconciliation committee of JCRB/CoC in case there's someone out there who hasn't seen it yet. Tell me this an "informal" committee as Bro Rudy so states. When I tried questioning him on this he said something incredibly cute like, "It's a free country." Indeed it is, and therefore, I can keep questioning. If any of you are interested, it would behoove you to visit the JCRB website and peruse the Q&A section. However, if you have a question for them, I suggest you keep it to about 25 words or less. Otherwise you'll get kicked out and you'll have to trim your question to the point where you don't get to ask the question you really want to.

Now, on this site, please go to Comment #8 under It Must Be Said, posted by Brother Ev from Maine. The Peace Committee has been in existence for months. Actually years. So, what is this "committee" they voted on to discuss the name? The Name Committee? With all due respect, do they need another committee?

People, the CoC has been in apostasy for decades! Why are we still bothering with them? What's next? Maybe we should start negotiating with Pope Benedict XVI to see if we can get in on their plan of salvation. He seems to have it all wrapped up.

Guess this should be titled Saturday Afternoon Ruminations. I do a lot of that. And now it's almost Saturday evening and I'm still appalled at how computer illiterate I am. Blessings to you all. Keep up the good fight. Keep the full armor of God on, or at least close at hand. And, by all means, hold on to the Rod of Iron!



Anonymous said...

We will complete our regional reunion tommorrow. The visiting Patriarch was asked about this "Reconciliation Committee" and says the meetings have essentially fizzled out and are going no where.

Seeker said...

I generally do not accept anonymous comments. I like to think we are all grown up people with nothing to hide. Alas, I also know that some people have a lot to hide. This particular comment sent up enough warning signs that I decided to float it out here and see what it would attract. Who would "We?" be referring to? Hmmm. Thank you, Anonymous, for reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a google account, but I suppose I should get one. I'm from the Pacific Northwest Region, the visiting Patriarch was Vernon Darling. If you would like his take on what's happening concerning this matter I would encourage you to contact him. I am fairly new to the Restoration Movement (I'm a former Mormon) so I don't know all the ends and outs, and it isn't really my focus. My focus is sharing the truth of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration with more people. But I figured I'd comment becaue the subject matter came up

Book of Mormon Warrior said...

You don't have to publish this just showing you I have a google blogger account now.

God Bless.