Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Conversations with Another Blogger

I once read a book about marriage and its alternatives. It was years ago and I have long since forgotten the name. One point the author made has stayed with me over the years. He maintained that there were only three distinct options to end continued marital bliss; murder, suicide and divorce. All three are unsavory to say the least.

The host of ”Granny with a Pitchfork' and I have shared the blanket for nearly 26 years. Like most couples, we have shared joy, extreme happiness, rank disagreement, easy times, and occasional huge challenges. Fortunately, we share solid mutual opinions on Jesus Christ, politics, pets, social issues, domestic chore assignments, and sensible assignment of vehicles. While we are probably not the best example of wedded compatibility, we are far from the worst.

Isolated on this delightful ridge in the woods, we have few visitors, enjoy our furry companions, and rejoice in our natural surroundings. Both of us regard a “trip to town” as an unpleasant experience unless we are on the way to church. As we age, we both have become more dependent upon lists to avoid the caprices of memory and forgotten items which require yet another trip.

We live in the center of a triangulation of three different towns of some substance and each requires a trip of about 20 miles round trip. Each has a different lure; her employment in one, a Lowes in another, and the church and a Super Wal-Mart in the third. There is sufficient duplication of commercial opportunities that most often a visit to one town covers our basic needs. Shopping does require some advance planning.

This morning prompted a discussion of the long range implications of yesterday’s primary elections and run-offs in neighboring Arkansas as well as California and our former home, Nevada. Regardless of party affiliation, the ladies did extremely well; sweeping the top spots in each of the mentioned states. She registered some surprise that I was pleased with the outcome in each circumstance. Blanche Lincoln had presented a classic “approach-approach” conflict as an incumbent facing a dyed in the wool union supported man. I explained that getting the union to flush $10 million down the drain in an attempt to defeat Lincoln might have long term implications. Being a Democrat in Arkansas is a plus but is by no means a guarantee of re-election in November.

The success of Fiorina (to challenge Barbara Boxer’s senate seat) and Meg Whitman (to challenge Jerry Brown for governor) demonstrated a renewed emphasis on the part of California voters for proven executive ability in high office. Running such firms as Hewlett-Packard and E-Bay “ain’t” beanbag. Suddenly the California electorate is starting to recognize the difference and sees hands on management as superior to “community organizing” and voting present. Both, in concert with celebrity, are lame reasons to elect any politician.

Our biggest mutual surprise was the defeat (resounding) of Danny Tarkanian to challenge Harry Reid in the senate. As son of the legendary coach we both thought that the Tarkanian name was a certain winner. Don’t follow me when I place bets—I am often wrong. Sharron Angle was the party’s choice—both Republican and Tea. Her strongest asset at the moment is the appalling unemployment in Clark County which is home to two thirds of Nevada’s eligible voters. Not least is the expiration of the huge bubble in home valuations. The home we lived in there is now reduced to its 1997 price. That would be about a third less than we sold it for in 2004. It could turn out to be an epic struggle.

So now you know the sort of thing which occupies our conversations. This is not to ignore such things as my recent wasp bite, Granny’s unending search for modest apparel, which animal is up for a flea and tick treatment, or other matters of little importance to pur readers. We shall continue to keep the computer screens (3) flickering, the key boards rattling, and fight the good fight until the country of our childhood returns—or the Lord intervenes. Meanwhile we shall continue to pray for you as a whole and as individuals.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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