Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Comments of the Day

This one came from Althouse in a discussion of Obama’s “back and forth” on placing a mosque at ground zero.

“Why did he do it? Because HE CAN"T HELP HIMSELF. This guy is on internal navigation. No mid-course correction via the guiding stars of the popular societal sociocultural firmament. No, his course guidance and target destination was all installed at the factory by his lefty/socialist/Communist parents, "mentors" friends and those extreme leftists he has admitted in writing he chose to surround himself with in college. Educated in a Muslim school in Indonesia and a man who can recite the Muslim "Call to Prayer" in Arabic by heart and considers it one of the "sweetest sounds in the world," it's time to call this leftist Islamo-fascist duck for what he is..

He really can't help himself--he's on pre-programmed internal guidance--in the grip of an amorphous miasmic ideological blob: part neo-marxist statist cum proto neo-fascist corporatist and "cosmopolitan" PC multi-culti Islamic sympathizer.

He can't help himself; he really, really can't...”

* * * * * * * * *

In an excellent article defining those who come with great yearning for our countries freedoms yet have an insistence to return in spirit to their mother-land, we have Victor Davis Hanson for Pajamma's Media Responding in a partial quote from a commenter is the following about those folks.

“They are NEVER satisfied. Not while you draw a breath they can’t control. If you can grow a grape that they can’t take from you at will, then it’s not enough. Stop trying to make sense of their actions from the rationale of a free man who sees that freedom has increased the wealth of the world by tenfold what it was in 1775. None of that matters to them. What matters is their power over your life. It’s that simple.

And it’s not worth debating. As far as I’m concerned, the science is settled. They are gangsters, Huns, barbarians and sadists. I don’t care what they call themselves….Muslims, progressives, communists, climate scientists, John Kerry, European Socialists, Marxists, the ruling class, statists, or baby oil. They are our enemy. They are bent on controlling our every breath, and all of these actions are probes to see where our weaknesses are and what we will tolerate or not. Because they know that the hands of our fathers conquered a continent; our mother’s grit and guile stopped the fascists and their communist twins. They want to pin a finger down here, a toe there, get under our skin in this place and irritate us there. But they don’t want a confrontation. Oh no. Obama doesn’t want it. The Islamic fascists don’t want it. Putin doesn’t want it and the chicoms don’t want it.

Because they know what Americans do when we are aroused.

Mr. Hanson, what we need is a leader. “

* * * * * * * * * *

This little jewel comes from the ever dependable Ace of Spades.  In a discussion over the possibility that the Muslim community may have changed its mind about locating a mosque on the immediated fringe of ground zero, we find the following comment.

“Maybe they were worried the Amish would do trot-bys?”

* * * * * * * * * *

This piece was on GatewayPundit and included not only the comment which follows but an outstanding county-by-county visual record of unemployment from the offset of absolute Democrat control of the congress. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the gradual destruction of the US economy over the past 3+ years.

“On Jan 3rd 2007, when the Democrats took over both the house and senate, the unemployment rate was 4.4 percent. Why the Republicans haven’t been talking about this for the last year is beyond me. They have LET the media and Obama and the democrats say its Bush’s fault over and over and over again. And that message has worked.

This election is not a presidential election. The dems have had control for nearly 4 years and its their bills and policies that took unemployment from 4.4 percent to nearly 10 percent. Are you better off then 4 years ago indeed? That should be the message.”

* * * * * * * * * *

The above comments were made by “we the people” and not the pundits and politicians. If we ignore the individual opinions we then fall into the same trap which has corrupted the process of government. Obviously, we are drawn to those pithy offerings from those who share some of the opinions which we hold personally. Often, however, we find the way they state it resonates more accurately.

The closer we get to the November elections; the more important it becomes to let your voice be heard. If you disagree with a poster—let them know. If you agree—be supportive. Above all, let your opinion enter the universe of ideas.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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