Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Undocumented in Utah

The state of Utah is abuzz this morning with a report that a list is being circulated with the names, addresses, social security numbers (?), and other vital information on undocumented aliens. The conversation is about the security breech which allowed the disclosure and not the presence of the law-breakers. It would appear that this tragic violation of the privacy of the unlawful has created more outrage than the dossier itself. It would also appear that if such a list were available to law enforcement, complete with easily available information for apprehension, the state would have been better served if the miscreants had been rounded up and deported.

The article by Brock Vegakis commenced with the following:

“SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Investigators examined records at several state agencies Wednesday to find the origins of a list being circulated around Utah that contains the names and personal information of 1,300 purported illegal immigrants and demands that they be deported immediately.

Utah is looking into whether a state worker may have illegally accessed a database containing the sensitive information to help compile a list that has sent chills through the Hispanic community.

The dossier - sent from an anonymous group to reporters, state officials and politicians - marks the latest example of hysteria that has spread since Arizona passed its harsh immigration crackdown this year. Immigrants liken the list to a modern-day witch hunt.

A 36-year-old Salt Lake City woman whose name was on the list along with those of her husband and three children, told The Associated Press through a translator that she's consumed by fear. She said her family is considering returning to their home outside of Mexico City where they all have citizenship.”

For the balance of the piece go to "myway" click here if you have the stomach for it.

Note the difference in accuracy in reporting. In the last cited paragraph, that she is identified as “a 36-year old Salt Lake City woman” and not as “a Mexican woman, illegally in Salt Lake City.” The tale goes on to be described with the metaphor, “witch hunt.” Witches are a figment of our imagination—undocumented illegals preying on our society are not.

The real prize is in the last paragraph as she contemplates a return to Mexico City. Oh well, “buh-bye.”

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