Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Unlikely Headline from the L.A. Times

With mounting evidence of the decreasing popularity of the president even among his most hardcore supporters I was nonetheless, surprised by this headline:


In this piece on the Opinion Page, we find questioning of senate candidate Sestak by David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The follow-up is questioning of the ever elusive Robert Gibbs by CBS’s Bob Schieffer on his take on the matter. The “snark” in the headline is roughly equivalent to the chutzpah so evident in Gibbs’ remarks.

The allegation is simply that the president offered to appoint Sestak Secretary of the Navy if he would concede the Democrat Party nomination to Arlen Specter (D/R/? PA.) That would be tempting for a former admiral but he apparently felt comfortable that he could defeat Specter. He did.

In an administration with an attorney general who is simply a tool of the Democrat Party, this, despite being a high crime, will probably not get the attention it deserves from “law” enforcement and America’s top cop. Ignoring legitimate law enforcement is standard procedure for this administration so the issue will be buried.

The most important feature we may take from the opinion piece is the sudden interest taken by the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times. Like most major city dailies, they have pretty much been in the tank for Obama from the “git-go.” Will this herald a sudden reawakening of major news sources to the shenanigans of the current administration or will they eventually be able to see it was all Bush’s fault. When added to the interest shown by Schieffer (CBS) and Gregory (NBC), it does constitute a sea change.

At this point, it is premature to believe that they will reverse their position of two years and actually report the activities of the administration—warts and all. As refreshing as that prospect may be we would be well advised to await further developments and beware of premature rejoicing.

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Cecil Moon

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