Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party

Ah, Tax Day, a time for conflicted scheduling. In this end of the branch, you have to be a clueless fool to not locate a tea party to vent your outrage about advancing Marxist government. I am assuming that you don’t have the time or the wherewithal to manage to join the patriots in Washington, D.C. For those who must, at this time, stay close to hearth and home, here in southwest Missouri are seven different events over the next seven days to satisfy the need to participate. For Granny and the geezer, each event is less than a one hour drive—and we live in the sticks.

We realize that not all of our readers live close enough to join us so we urge you to go to Tea Party Patriots, click on “events” and find a local gathering in your neighborhood. When it comes up, just scroll down and your state will come up and you can go from there. Often it will link you to a local organization which is sponsoring the event and give you far greater detail: speakers, local interest, vendors, directions, etc..

Here in our area we even have a Tea Party to promote a different Tea Party on the following day. It’s scheduled on a busy corner in Springfield (appropriately named Battlefield Mall) to urge folks to go to Branson, MO the following day for a big “hoo-haw” happening there. For those who make that trip, it will be the cheapest Branson visit they ever experienced. Along with the protest is a great collection of musical talent. It will be at the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand area on Route 76.

How important is it to be present at one of these events? It is vital! Any occasion when the “people” can assemble and make their voices heard is extremely difficult even for our blasé media to ignore. Strengthening the crowd count at local events does not diminish the importance of those gathered at the mall in D.C... It serves to underline the importance of the day, nationwide, and therefore the message to the leadership. Do not for a minute believe that this expression of disdain from the Tea Party attendees is not noticed by those who are facing a hostile electorate.

What do you gain personally? Primarily, when you attend, you will learn from personal experience that you are not the only one mumbling into your coffee cup when you get the news each morning. It is an opportunity to be with those who feel as you do that our government has gone astray and it will only get worse if we do not make our presence known. You will be in the presence of the cleanest, neatest, best behaved large group of fellow citizens you will ever encounter.

About 3:30, Granny and I will leave for Springfield to be at 640 W. Chestnut Expressway at 5 pm. As the number of these events mount, we get progressively more excited by the prospect of meeting more of our closest friends. Bring the kids. Bring the dog. All are welcome.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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