Friday, January 8, 2010

Who is our Avowed Enemy?

Have we figured it out yet? I mean that part where the president and his minions are plotting the eventual overthrow of the United States government. Has it finally dawned on a few folks that the purpose of installing all the czars, capturing control of major portions of the economy, operating lax security for the nation, clouding prospective legislation by banning reporting, and feeding the proletariat an endless string of lies serves that end with relentless fervor?

As the list relentlessly mounts, we watch with great interest the continuing interviews with citizens asking their opinion of this or that. Greta van Sustern, on Fox, has a feature with a reporter in various nationwide venues taping the thoughts of the first five people he meets. It is an effort to project the fair and balanced concept of reportage. Obviously, the sample is far too small to reach any reasonable conclusion but the results are interesting for other reasons. On display is detachment from any form of understanding of political realities. I have yet to hear one person offer anything approaching a cogent analysis in response to matters of vital importance to them, or their country, personally.

Years ago, I often wondered how people could stand idly by and watch their nations destroyed. As part of the occupation army, I saw first hand the German people, who were so normal in every other regard, who had embraced Nazism with enthusiastic fervor. They were surrounded by constant daily reminders of the results of their unsuccessful struggle. Great piles of rubble and fire damaged buildings, both public and private, were everywhere. Destroyed ordinance and ruined defenses were yet uncleared as they labored to restore normalcy. Other than that they were interested in bringing home groceries, heating their homes, hanging up Christmas (?) decorations, and creating a better life for their kids. Although they had suffered terribly at the hands of their leadership they were somewhat defensive about the issue even as they sought to insure a continued peaceful existence. Some even lamely attempted to defend Hitler and his goons.

The opportunity to be an eyewitness for two years no doubt has limited my range of view of defeated peoples to just one group. I don’t believe for a minute that others (Soviets, Japanese, Italians, etc.) in a wide range of nations are all that different. The legacy of war is a list of those who are now absent and often not reflected in the actions of the survivors. The departed fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, uncles, and their female counterparts all become a receding memory as the living strive to re-order their lives.

When the first tank crosses the border, accompanied by infantry support, the ideology goes out the window and suddenly becomes defense of the homeland. Soaring anthems, packed flag-waving stadiums and gifted orators do not inspire men to action as much as the threat of occupation by a foreign power. Protection of one’s bed and hearth become a realistic motivation. Once the Japanese figured this out, the potential (and actual) damage overrode all other considerations and WWII came to an end.

Without the knowledge of experience or history, which requires either advanced age or a reliable educational establishment, our citizens remain ignorant and unaware of an advancing threat. It is especially true when the threat is not accompanied by arms. Instead, it is far more insidious. The false promise then becomes the mightiest armament in the arsenal of those would conquer us from within. A great patriot once observed, “The government which can give you anything can also take everything.” This is exactly what our primary foe is doing. Under the guise of controlling weather, enabling our financial institutions, bailing out various and sundry entities, and providing “free” health care for all, he is aiming for the heart of America at the expense of the mind. With the aid of the congress, much of this has been accomplished or is under way. If it were overt war, the enemy would be ready to cross the Mississippi tomorrow morning.

We live in a world of instant gratification. We want the fastest download on our computer, the speediest car on the road, are too impatient to tolerate a radio which doesn’t come on immediately, don’t (can’t?) make a cake from scratch, and mindlessly accelerate our lives away. In the world of ideas, we are being rushed to alter a dependable document which has successfully guided and directed us for over 233 years. Due to its venerable age, some suspect that it’s not quite up to the job of carrying us into the future. Perhaps if it had its pants down around its knees, a tattooed butt, a ball cap on backward, and a gold stud in its nose it would be more appropriate to provide the guidelines for a successful republic. It is entirely possible that which finally defeats us will be a lack of seriousness. Sober reflection and factual consideration have suddenly gone missing.

The average American either has no concept of the peril which faces our country or is unwilling to acknowledge just how blatant the forces are who threaten us. Unlike the child’s boogey man, we can’t pull the covers over our head and make him go away. He is not a dream-induced fiction but a reality. I have no idea just how much more he has to do to get it across that we are under attack. Are we so simple that, lacking the sound of small-arms fire, we are helpless to understand an assault on freedom? The framers provided us with that option (the Second Amendment) and God willing; we shall never have to use it. Short of that contingency, what are we able to do?

For one, I shall never expose myself to his hypnotic broken cadence and accompanying body language in a speech again. Each one has a text and they are readily available. Without verification and close examination I recommend that not one word be accepted as truth and its logic examined. Every remark, no matter how casual, should be subject to “Composition 101” criticism to determine if it actually says anything. Any words preceded by “let me be clear” should be scrutinized with an extremely critical view. As witnessed by the campaign promises relative to the exposure of congressional hearing airing by C-Span have well established his insincerity. Joe Wilson was absolutely right when he said, “You lie!” but wrong to apologize for telling the truth.

If you continue to embrace the fiction that any one of these political animals genuinely exists for your benefit, get over it. Saints are named for meritorious works, as chronicled in the Gospels, and not for slithering around Washington, D.C. and state halls of government. On some accidental occasions, apparent self-interest is shoved aside, and they do the job for which they were elected. Don’t believe that to be the norm. Until we return to citizen civil servants, self-interest will be king.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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